I don’t want to be here anymore help

i dont want to live anymore. the only “friends” i have treat me like shit, my family makes it obvious they hardly care about me. i have no one to talk to. every day i just feel like a burden. almost 7 years now i have been unhappy just waiting for my life to end. i don’t want to be here anymore. no one cares about me, im not good at anything i do, my life is just pointless

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Hey friend,

I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. It hurts a lot. You aren’t alone here at HS. We want to get you the support you need and the love you deserve. I’m not exactly sure what the status is on the books anymore, but HS has a book called Dwarf Planet that’s a guide through depression. Or, if you’re struggling with self harm, you might want to check out the book ReWrite.

I strongly consider going to therapy. It might take a little bit to find the right therapist, but once you find one, they can be extremely helpful. We’ve got your back.

hold fast <3


@Danjo @Casers @MorganVinHoch @Kayla Sorry i’m tagging y’all but just wondering if you could give a little update on the book status :slight_smile:

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Resources and books can be found here: https://heartsupport.com/resources/

And this is where the 7 free day trial can be found for online counseling:

Hope this helps.

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Hey @emalyn

I’m sorry you’ve been surrounded by people who aren’t treating you well. People who make you feel bad about yourself to the point of questioning your own existence. You don’t give a lot of details about your relationships with your friends and family but if you want to talk about it you are absolutely free to do it. :heart:

I personally relate to what you just shared. Not at this moment, but because I felt the same at different moments in my life. I felt helpless to the point of waiting to die, because I wasn’t treated well and I wasn’t supported by the people around me. But despite this, years have passed, I grew up and I’ve been able to make my own decisions and to learn to surround myself by people who made me realize that I matter. The reason why I share this is because there is hope, friend. Even when you feel like there’s not. You are alive right now and you won’t be surrounded by the same people during your entire life. There will be a moment when you will have the possibility to build new friendships and, hopefully a better relationship with your parents. So first of all: hold on to that, okay? :heart:

But now that this has been said, we still have to deal with the present difficulties you mentioned.

About your friends: if they don’t respect you, if they treat you badly, then they’re not your friends. Friendships are not about this. It is supposed to be nourishing for you, not the opposite. I don’t how how your relations are, but a good side of friendships is that there’s always a possibility to stop being friends and to go away. It’s unfortunate, it’s difficult, it hurts, but it can be also the healthiest thing to do sometimes. Again, I don’t know the context of this, and it’s certainly more complex. But know that there is often a possibility to communicate and find a solution or, if needed, an exit door. Which is not your end, but the end of toxic relationships. You deserve to be surrounded by people who love you and care about you sincerely, who have a positive influence on you.

About your parents: do you want to share what makes you think/see that they don’t care about you? Did they say or do something in that way? I ask this because our relationships with our parents can be difficult sometimes but it can be due to a lack of communication or misunderstandings.

You said you’re not good at anything and your life is pointless. Well, you need some new guidance then. And you can find some answers by yourself. It’s hard to find what would be a meaningful life to you, it’s highly personal and it’s related to your personal experiences. But you can already ask yourself, objectively, what you’re good at, what are your qualities/skills, what are the things you’d like to improve over time, what are the things you enjoy/you are passionate about, what you want to do in a month or in a year. Identifying those things can help you to reframe a little bit the things you said about yourself and your life. Because you are not an empty shell. You’re not perfect that’s true, just like everyone else, but you have treasures to offer to this world…. because you’re you! You’re not nothing. You’re a human being and you have a rich inner life that needs to be acknowledged and understood. You’re breathing, existing, and you are a blessing to this world. Maybe your beloved ones don’t see you as you are, maybe they don’t value you as you are. But I see you right now and can assure you that you are beautiful as you are. :heart:

I hope this video can encourage you as well.

Hang in there. You matter. And you are loved, friend. :heart: