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I don’t want to leave yet but it’s been hard to stay

hi i know it’s been a while since i was last on here but i really don’t know what else to do i have gone down such a dark path I have no clue what to do i feel so alone and scared i literally sleep all day just to turn my brain off i really don’t know what to do i’ve tried the ice cubes and the red food dye i just don’t know i’m so sorry


Hey @Hillsdale2,

You have no need to apologize at all. Thank you for showing up today, thank you for being here and being present, and reaching out for help. We are here to support you and to love you. Come join us in the twitch streams or on the discord when you can? It has honestly helped me so so much, and maybe it could be helpful to you too.

What do you think about some professional help as well? I imagine that the thought of reaching out for that kind of help alone is scary, given that just getting up and everything hasn’t been easy. But it’s something we can look into together perhaps?

(I’m sorry if I’ve missed your previous posts, so forgive me if some of these suggestions have been given before).

To taking care of each other and your presence here today,


god thank you so much @Alex honestly am scared but it’s so refreshing to know that people are here to help, my mom hasn’t been on to really believe that mental health is something that can hugely impact a person so it’s a bit hard trying to convince her but yes i definitely want to try the discord. thank you so much for reaching out you have no idea how much it helps :white_heart:


It is so good to hear from you @Hillsdale2! You have every right to be afraid- circumstances and trying to change what you can to better your mental health can be scary. Let’s take it one step at a time, and perhaps we start with discord, to the twitch stream, to reaching out for some professional help? (Of course, it’s all up to you)!

I’m sorry that your mom doesn’t really believe that mental health is a major factor in someone’s life; hopefully with time, and new tools for coping, you can show her your reality. :purple_heart:

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