I don’t want to live anymore

I want to die. I want to commit suicide. I’m better off dead. I can’t anymore. It’s too much anymore. It feels like the world is in my shoulders. I can’t stay any longer, it’s just not gonna work. It will never get better.

Staff Edit from @NateTriesAgain:


You’re not crazy for wanting to die. If you landed here from Google, I want you to know you’re not alone, and there is hope. If you’re in immediate danger, go to our Crisis Resources page. Otherwise, you can also take this self-assessment to find next steps:


Hold fast. We believe in you.

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Hey @Gabriella,
I’m so sorry that you feel this way but trust me its not worth it. please reach out to a hotline or even a hospital or us here at HS. We all can help you stay strong and not let go. My wife committed about 4 years ago and I still haven’t gotten over it and still have my all time lows. Just please have a little faith and hold fast it will be worth hanging around in this world I promise. It might be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life to just keep living but damn is it a beautiful thing. We all care for you here and I’m sure plenty of other people that have met you would be devastated if they lost you. Please don’t go. If you wouldn’t mind please give this song a listen, (friend please-21 pilots) it pulled me up just enough to stop me. Hopefully it will do the same for you


I can’t go to the hospital and I can’t call a suicide hotline. I’m just so scared. And I don’t know if I can’t hold on any longer.

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You can hold on @Gabriella. You can trust me. I am here for you. Just talk to me/ us. What’s going on?

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You can always hold on, Talk to us whats going on? You may not wanna go to the hospital or call the hotline but alot of us know what it’s like. We may be able to give some solid advise.

Trust me it will always get better. Life has its ups and downs and it always will.

I can’t hold on anymore. It’s too much

We are here talk to us. We can help

There’s a lot of things going on in my life right now. Bad things. And I can’t handle it anymore. I just want to leave this place.

You don’t have to leave. You are stronger than you think you are. You’ve made it this far why not make it further? This world is full of beautiful places and even people and we are here for one another.

I can’t make it any further. It’s all too much. I’m scared and I feel like everything isn’t going to get better. I feel like the only solution is to die.

I can’t tell you everything gets better but what I can tell you is you learn to to try your hardest to make most things better and for the most part everything is better. I believe that you can stick around. I believe in you.

I don’t know. Thanks. But I honestly want to leave and never come back.

Hey friend. I’m sorry that you’re feeling like this. I’ve been there, I attempted suicide several times since I was 15 years old, have been self harming for 12+ years and spent 7 years addicted to drugs… I’m coming on 9 months clean from drugs now, I’m handling things better than I was, but I too still get those thoughts of wanting to die.
I’ve however had an experience that, for me, really hit me and now, I force myself to reach out the way you have when I get the thoughts… It’s a little bit of a read, but I hope you get atleast something from this… This experience is the thing that changed everything for me. Please keep reaching out, come and join our discord and make some friends there - it’s a server full of people who will care about you and help you.

Hold Fast

Hey , please stay alive please love you are precious And your life is worth living . You have breath in your lungs and your human .
Hold fast you’re worth it .

I am in really,really bad shape.

What is the discord?

The Heart Support discord is: https://discord.gg/MzGhWs