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I don't anymore

Seems everyone I come into contact with eventually ends up not being able to handle my depression/anxiety. I can’t take it anymore, right when I think I make people happy…nope

Update. I’m planning to go on a road trip, I’m not coming back though.
I figure I’ll make a short video and put them on disc and mail them to the few people
explaining how it’s not their fault. My best for myself or anyone else is never enough!!!

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If it’s any consolation, it’s not your job or responsibility to make other people happy.
If your IRL friends find it difficult to love you in your dark times, they probably don’t know how best to help you. The HeartSupport community will meet you in the valleys of life, and we will sit with you and give encouragement as you find your way out.
We love you. Hold Fast.


I’ve definitely felt that before. Something I learned is that not everyone is able to handle hard things when we might need them, but it doesn’t mean they care any less or won’t be there for us in another moment. I’m not sure the context of what you’re going through, but I am glad you found this community. You’re worthy of love and acceptance and being heard. We hear you now. If you’d like to go into more of what you’re experiencing, we’re all ears, friend. Hold fast.


Video Response:


Thanks Casers the art looks great man. And I appreciate your kind words. It’s not an easy subject for me talk about or any of us. I’m pretty sure I know where it stems from, 38 and it hasn’t let up over the years.
I appreciate heartsupport, I’ve followed it for awhile.
How I found out about Silent Planet and Wage War.
Garrett is the man. Thank you again for your response brother


Do what you need to to make yourself happy. I hope you think about everything you could possibly lose though. It’s okay to make rational decisions when you’re upset, just make sure you really want to go through with them okay? I know what it’s like to not being able to find someone who accepts you. Every person I have ever told about the sexual harassment I went through, seems to get uncomfortable and leaves me alone to deal with the pain that stayed. It’s not your fault people can’t handle who you are and what you go through. We all have our own problems, and no matter what you’ve come to learn, there is ALWAYS someone who will understand and support you. It just takes time. Give yourself that.

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