I don't deserve to be loved

Even my mom thinks I’m worthless. Every time we fight, she’ll use this to isolate me. She’ll go off to say how she regrets giving birth to me. I don’t deserve to be loved, because even my mom thinks I’m a waste of air. Now I’m starting to think so too. No matter what I do, I always mess it up. No matter how hard I try to get someone to care, they neglect me. I lose everything important object that I put my hands on. I flunk every test I encounter. I’m tired, depressed, and feel worthless.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, yet I’ve never felt this unlovable in my life.



I’m sorry to hear that. Your mom shouldn’t say those things. She is suppose to be your mother. Taking care of you and loving you. You are loved. I encourage you to hangout at HeartSupport Twitch and Discord group. You will find a community there. Thank you for sharing. God loves you. Stay safe.

Hey @duo , You are not alone in this i bet you theres others who go through this . What makes this post unique is that you had to courage to post what is happening in your life, and how your feeling.
Let me infuse some truth here:

  2. Family will fight but they are still family
  3. She may say this stuff but she may not mean it . I know this hurts you but you need to speak up dont let your mother walk over you like this . If she says something like this again say " im sorry your feeling down but that doesnt make it right to say that to my face" and after that just take a breath and do something that makes you happy
  4. You may mess it up but you got to build it back up you got to fix it . For example : if you hurt someones feelings you would go to them and appologise.
  5. We care about you and we WILL NOT neglect you .
    When it comes to flunking tests is it because you are not studdying or are you diagnosed with a learning disability. For me i have auditory processing disorder . i flunked major tests but i still succeded in school . Let me ask you this what do you value in your life ? What do you want as a goal . where do you want to be in 5+ years?
    Have you tried talking to a counselor at school or do you see a therapist?
    Please dont take this the wrong way but imma try and put this way : You are depressed rightnow but the thing is you dont need to be depressed forever . You need to let someone know how you are feeling. In some cases we tend to isolate because we are depressed , we close people out on how ourself are feeling. When we are depressed , to get better you need to let these feelings out in a HEALTHY way. Also, YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS. stop beating yourself up .
    here is some more truth:
  6. you are amazing
  7. you are human
  8. you have breath in your lungs
  9. you deserve to be alive
  10. we love you for who you are and we want you to succeed in life
    Hold fast friend You’re worth it !
    Your value Speech - Jeremy Anderson

Self worth speech

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