I dont even know where to begin

Im hurting. Im shaking as im typing this. Its so hard for me to admit im hurting even to myself. My therapist basically had to drag the words out of me. Im hurting from so many different angles in my life now. I dont even know what hurts worse at this point. I have become so depressed that i have basically withdrawn from all of life except working…which is something im always still able to do bc i cant be homeless. And being a mom…i cant neglect that either for obvious reasons. As far as anything else, forget it. I find it hard to even respond on the support wall because i feel like i am too far gone to give someone advice. Like who am i to tell someone their life is gonna be ok and to keep your head up when i can barely keep mine up. I feel like I should even apologize to anybody i met at warped tour bc my smiles were forced. I was so sad at what should have been the happiest time. Which it was but deep down i just wanna lay down, curled up, forever. I still do yoga daily bc without that i would definitely be so much more worse off. I have counseling weekly. Im on meds. I have an appt in 2 weeks with the psychiatrist to adjust my meds bc of my downward spiral the past few weeks. I know im worthy, i know its gonna be ok but im still dying inside. I need to write more but at this point I just cant anymore.

Hello! Congrats on writing your problems here!
I understand you, depression it’s a fucking shit, but you have to stay strong. You have a child or children who love you and you have to think of them as your support!
Our minds are so powerful that we can do anything we want to, so please know that you’re valious, you’re worthy’ you’re a beautiful human being who DESERVES to be happy no mater what!
I just want you to be happy, beat that fucking beast called depression, and please don’t quite your daily activities because they keep your mind distracted from bad thoughts.
Wish you the best and you’ll get better, I promise :heart:

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@Charrabeans first off I want to say it was a joy meeting you and working with you at warped tour! I am proud of you for sharing your struggles here. We all have them and this is what this community is about. I know you are doing everything in your power to get better, and want to encourage you to keep going. It will get better over time. That sounds like such a cliche, but it really will. I know because it did for me, and it will for you.
Your friend,

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Can you tell us more about the pain? What’s hurting?

Everything. My heart. My body. My head. My soul.