I don't feel good anymore

I went to the Dr on Monday to get my blood drawn, next day I get a call from the saying my white blood cells are extremely high.
It’s Wednesday and I’m in the hospital, I don’t know what’s wrong but I’m tired.
My husband isn’t here with me and it hurts.
Cancer runs in my family, my biggest fear isn’t death but what about my daughter? Will Lillian even remember me? Will she know that I would’ve done anything for her? She’s never going to know how much her mother loves her…I’m talking as if my results come back.


Jewlie - I can feel your pain and worry through your post. Not knowing what is wrong can really spike anxiety in even the most calm person. As for your daughter - have you considered writing her a letter or recording a video for her to watch later? Even if your diagnosis is not serious, that could be a nice ritual to do periodically to lessen your fear of her not knowing how much you love her. Hopefully everything comes back OK and with a simple treatment that is effective quickly to get you back on your feet! Much love, and I hope you get some rest!

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From: bitemarque

Medical issues are pretty scary sometimes. Do they have a chaplain you can speak to? Even if you don’t share their religion, sometimes just having someone to talk to and provide support can be really helpful. (Also worth noting that some hospitals have chaplains of different faiths available!)