I dont feel real anymore

theres going to be a lot of venting today and i already know it but i dont even know what to do anymore at this point honestly… it feels as if im disregarding all of your replies and response but believe me, they mean so much to me. but i just… im starting to not be able to handle my emotions anymore… this is short part one because i just cant get everything out at once and im splitting it up so i have more than just one distraction today…


Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel 100% the same. I post here the same struggles over and over again and feel bad about it. But the truth is, these thoughts are constantly on our minds and we are nonstop immersed in these emotions. We hardly get any break ever. Vent, let it out. That’s healthy. Healing takes time and writing down our struggles once, unfortunately, doesn’t lead to a major improvement right away. It’s one step at a time, hitting the same walls again and again. It requires a lot of patience and persistence.

I’m sorry that you’re struggling and that your emotions are taking such a toll on you. Vent, paint, draw, journal, listen to music, … You deserve to find peace, so do whatever helps you to get this heavy weight off your chest. That’s self-care. Thanks again for posting. That made me feel less alone with my struggles. :hrtlegolove:


There is no better way to deal with issues then to face them one at a time. Often, when people feel a need to vent, they will put them all out there at once. In that case, the venting itself is the most therapeutic aspect of the communication. However, if you are after ideas, answers, or focused empathy and compassion, it’s generally better to “vent in installments.” In other words, one issue at a time. Venting about a list of things all at once, can make the reader feel as though there is too much for them to deal with, or feel a lack of confidence in knowing what to say. Also, when considered as a group, individual problems may seem less significant.

Sadly, when people are having a crappy day, it’s rarely just one thing that goes wrong. Sometimes, among all the wrong things that happen, the thing that will put a person over the edge may not be what others would think of as the most important issue. For example, one day, my brother told me about what a terrible day he had. He had car trouble, had to deal with some severe screw ups at work, missed his lunch break, burned his supper, and argued with his girlfriend. He explained it all with somewhat dispassionate resignation. Then he went on to explain, “finally I was able to sit down and relax with a cup of tea, but then…” (at this point, he raised his voice and was on the verge of tears), “the cat stuck her paw in my tea!”

Someone walking into the room just then, would assume that my brother was being unreasonably hysterical about the cat’s desecration of his tea. That’s often how it works though. We might be calm, composed, and heroically philosophical about major adversities, then feel as though we are losing our minds when our slice of toast falls buttered side down.

You don’t feel real anymore? Is there a chance that you are resisting feelings that seem out of proportion to what you are experiencing? When minor irritations feel inordinately upsetting, it could be related to not feeling well physically, an unwillingness to face troubling issues, or a sense of helplessness in the face of injustice, among other things.

You are very real and authentic. Both your introspection and your emotions prove that.

There really is no wrong way to vent. It’s just that different venting styles can lead to different responses from others.

Here’s to hoping that your cat doesn’t use the litter box and then stir your tea with her paw.


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