I don't get the support I need from my parents

For a few years now I have struggled though depression OCD and anxiety. I haven’t told my parents because they remind me daily that I am dumb and/or fat. My mum constantly says my friends are ‘weird’ and they are only going to drag me down. This really irritates me because she can say stuff about me but not my friends that she barely even knows. She doesn’t realise that most of my friends are very high graded in school. My parents constantly mentally abuse me and my siblings don’t help.
I have recently realised my OCD is getting really bad like I count my steps in fours to make sure they are an even number. I need medication but if I tell my parents they would probably say I’m just weird and I shouldn’t put labels on myself because that makes you even weirder.
I don’t know what to do.


Hey there @panda_pop

Being talked to in that way is not ok and you should treat yourself the way you treat your friends. Respectful or at least some what nice but I know you can not control what your parents do or say. Your mental health needs are valid and if you feel like you need medical attention from a therapist or psychologist there is nothing wrong with that and they are professionals and your parents are not.

On that note you always have a listening ear here and thank you for sharing your story.


Zephirah / Andrea


Hey Panda_pop!

AmandaRuthArt responded to your post today live on Twitch with some wonderful words of encouragement!

Here is a link to the video so you can see their response yourself!


Amanda thank you so much. im on the verge of tears watching this and it really means a lot. thank you so much, it is nice to know there are people there for me :heartpulse:


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