From Rohini_868: What evidence are you basing that on, if I may ask? Ibsee at least 6 mesagaes, from different people, hoping you were okay

From Rohini_868: What could we have done to show we remember? I remember, I am sure everyone else does to.

From joud: no ones life got affected

From joud: nothing happened=========

From joud: its just my boyfriend====

From joud: i love him===============

From joud: im gonna stay for him====

From joud: hes the only thing i have left

From Rohini_868: “no-one’s life got affected” - what would this look like, to you?

From Rohini_868: we all worried, and left messages for you. what would have had to happened to prove to you that we were “affected”?

From Rohini_868: i’m glad you have your bf, but i’d also encourage you to find a new therapist to talk with. these are big feelings, and you need all the support you can get. try to write a letter with what you’re feeling if it’s too uncomfortable to say it loud.

From Rohini_868: i’m glad to hear you’re going to stay. that’s huge.

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From ManekiNeko: I’m really glad you have someone you care about, joud, and I’m really glad that you feel that they care about you too. It’s not always easy to hear that someone cares, especially when we don’t know you all that well. I do hope that through time, healing comes and there can be moments where you can be able to love yourself as well because you deserve that.

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From joud: thank you================

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