I don't have much experience with anything

From sofa9669: ok so apparently you can’t cure diabetes type 2 but you can reverse it.

From sofa9669: Yeah its just my nail that got hit a got a little blue. Dude that was working with me said my finger will make another nail.

From eagertuna0: Sorry to hear that your mom was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes; that can be a frustrating, upsetting condition, and it’s never fun to need to deal with a health struggle.

In terms of some of your questions around T2D, it’s best to talk to a doctor about the best treatment for your mom. There are treatments available but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for treating T2D (or really any condition for that matter) so a doctor will be able to figure out the best option for your mom!

From sofa9669: the bot deleted my other message but basically I walked for 2 hours for nothing I think.

Why do you feel like it was for nothing?

From sofa9669: I don’t feel like I it was for nothing, it was for nothing. I presumed my mother was kidnapped because of some confusion. My mom was thinking she could be having a heart attack because her chest hurt and she went to the hospital. Because she didn’t want to worry me, she didn’t answer me properly on why she was taking 5 hour and half to come back from another city when it would take it more or less 1 hour. The way she was talking seemed weird and when she said she would need 3 more hours I started to ape out and walked to the hospital. During my walk it was explained to me by my mother that it was all a misunderstanding. Discord has a limit on the number of characters but what happened is basically this.

That sounds like a stressful time, indeed! It’s unfortunate that there was this misunderstanding, however you did what was appropriate in the midst of such circumstances. I hope your mother and you have been able to discuss afterwards and communicate in case this type of situation happen again.

From sofa9669: my father also went to the hospital today bc of high pressure.

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From sofa9669: I used to think those shooters were horrible people

From sofa9669: These days I feel more symphathetic towards these crazy people, as I feel more hopeless everyday

From sofa9669: I can see in real time the health of my mother and sister decline and I feel like I can’t do anything. Even if I were to do something crazy and die, that would only make things worse.

From sofa9669: Talking here doesn’t solve anything, it just serves to make me feel better but feeling better doesn’t solve my problems. Only competence and good decision making can make things better.

From sofa9669: I can’t do either of those. I feel like anything I do or don’t do is wrong.

From sofa9669: I don’t know what to talk here

From sofa9669: I know people here want to help but any help is only to make me feel better, not actually solve my problems. Maybe that is the definition of mental health I guess.

From sofa9669: I don’t know what to talk to. I feel like I am being rude if am being honest. I don’t know if talking here is the right solution.

From sofa9669: I gave my curriculum to a bunch of places, no one called me.

The support we can provide here is like having friends by your side walkong alongside you as you navigate things that are difficult - but it for sure don’t/can’t replace either therapy or a social service. It’s never a loss to have people by your side to comfort you, but it’s good to be aware at the same time of the kind of help you would need right now, so that you know what can be provided (or not) through any particular service you would reach out to. It sounds overall that you are pressured by a lot of responsibilities that shouldn’t be yours - especially as you are young - which is an okay thing to talk about, especially if you feel like carrying all of this on your own.

From sofa9669: 28 years old is not young, mate

That’s the perks of online interaction - you don’t know that at first! Thanks for letting me know.