I don't know how to deal with this

I feel like my philosophy in life is based off radical hope and radical kindness even in the face of being seen as a degenerate subhuman by republicans i find it hard to keep those world views at times cuz there’s still a part of me that wants to turn cynical and bitter I find no peace in religion when it’s a tool used to damn and condemn my existence as a queer person yet I find few people like me who no matter what want the good to prevail I worry that queer folk soon won’t have rights in this country but I know if I leave I’m not fighting for my community I’m running away and saving my own skin and that also bothers me a lot cuz I know we are so voiceless in this country all the rich queers that have power and a voice seem to have ditched us broke queers but idk maybe that’s the cynical side showing I just need some help in either told I’m not alone in this struggle or just some sorta advice


Hi there @Derpplup,

Thank you for sharing these concerns with us. I understand how it’s so scary and upsetting when you don’t feel accepted and don’t know what the future holds for your rights and the rights of those around you. You certainly aren’t the first to experience these concerns and are not alone in this.

It’s also admirable that you want to help others and pass on this kindness throughout your community. With that said, please remember that it’s important – and okay – to prioritize yourself. It’s so much easier to help others when you are doing okay.

I’m sending lots of love and support your way and hope you feel better about this with time.

<3 Tuna

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From: Manni XP - Snow Edition

Thank you for sharing. The thought of losing one’s human rights seems horrifying, regardless of who might try to take them away. It sounds like you have a strong sense of justice - and I understand feeling frustrated with those who appear to ride above such problems. Good on you for continuing to try to see the good in others. I posit, though, that you’re totally valid in taking breaks from the fight. You are not alone, and resting when you need can restore the inner peace necessary for effecting changes that truly help.


It absolutely takes an insane amount of strength to keep seeking kindness and respect while there’s so many wrongdoings happening, and so much hatred spread easily. The values that you hold and embody are wonderful. There is a quiet beauty and strength that radiates from it. Despite the violence, the hatred and all the agitation in this world, I truly believe that the consistency of kindness should prevail. Reading your words, I feel a huge sense of respect and inspiration for you. It is absolutely disheartening to see how the LGBTQ+ community and trans people especially have been treated in US, but also in so many other countries. There is something that goes beyond understanding in the fear that some people have of others. It just doesn’t make sense. But as you express so very well, we can’t use the same weapons as these people and as a way to respond. They are the ones degrading themselves, their humanity, their ideal of love, their religions. The call to fall into cynicism and use the quickest, easiest and more relieving ways to respond to them makes absolutely sense. There is an injustice in the fact that people can spread hatred so easily, unapologetically, and destroy so wuickly while it takes so long to rebuild, and heal. I believe wholeheartedly in you and in your ability to not use their own weapons, but to keep fighting with the beautiful values that you cherish. Keep your head up. Be proud of yourself, of who you are. I can tell that I am proud of you.

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