I dont know how to get out of this denial

A few months I was diagnosed with Arthritis in my wrists and hands… Recently it’s started to cause some major problems and I’m struggling to accept that. I keep blaming other things.

I’m in a lot of pain which I can accept is due to my Arthritis, however I’m also constantly dropping things because I can’t get a proper grip on them, I’m sometimes unable to actually bend or curl my fingers because my hands are so stiff and I can’t write… I grip the pen and my hand seizes up so I can’t move to form the shapes of the letters.
When I drop things, I blame it on the positioning… E.g. If I’m at work, I’ll pick up and item and if I drop it, I’ll just say it was because it was so tightly packed in and got stuck… I’m not even saying this to another person, just in my head quietly to myself. It happens EVERY time. Not being able to move my hands, I put it down to the pain, rather than the fact it is what it is and I just legit can’t move my hands.

My doctors say it’s something I just have to live with, but I can’t accept that I’m losing control of basic motor skills at the age of 23… Especially as someone who does a lot of writing and now physically can’t…

How do you get out of denial over something that is beyond your control and only going to get worse as life goes on?


Hey Kayla
My mom was diagnosed with Arthritis and she loves to sew and embroidery. She worked with her doctor on ways to lessen pain. Stretches she can do daily to help other ways to keep her motor functions up. She was told using Clay and lifting small weights. There may be some other things you can look into trying as your situation gets easier.

Hold fast, You got this.

From: septic_ang

hey Kayla. I just want to say I have not been in a position like that before but just know that you are loved and we are here to support you!

From: dearkoyangi

Kayla, I know the life of living with pain on a day to day basis and the challenges that have to be faced because of it. I know how crippling it feels. I know that it’s not always easy to just think positive and power through it. I’m sorry you are hurting and I love you so much. You are so strong and I’m always here if you need a friend. <3

From: eric_champlin

You’re strong Kayla! You got this, friend.

From: edge0fheaven

I understand that it hurts not only physically but mentally. I watched my mom lose her ability to walk in 6 months because of her MS. my only suggestion is look for new tools that can help you write, try and think about ONE thing every day you CAN do

From: depressedllamacorn

Hey Kayla. I don’t know what this is like but I want you to know that there is no shame in having arthritis, you are loved !

I wrote this in the live stream and forgot to type the respond command. So here is a copy pasta of the rest of my response to you.

To be honest I am terrible about not stressing over things I cannot control. Especially when it comes to my health. My greatest skill in life is to over worry and over stress. Over everything. It’s very hard to tell myself that I can’t do anything about the things I cannot control and try to focus on WHAT I CAN. I often stress myself sick. But I try to use my art as a way to steer myself from that

From: the_casualhero

im still delaing with something similar. i broke my back in the army and it ended my career and forever took away things live competitive martial arts and extreme sports which were a huge part of my life. some days it cant even pick up my kids. i understand and you ar enot alone and there is still somuch you can do, because the heart and love do not require hands.

From: stevenhawkingtalkingdirty

i have arthritis in a lot of my body as well. its not easy theres a few remedies i have found that help my hands a lot, arnica gel is super nice and helps the tension. the weather and temperature has a big effect on this, the colder the temp the more painful it’ll feel. rain sucks too. that said, stretching, relaxing, and research will help. there are non-narcotic treatments that are very useful and non-addictive. you’re loved and appreciated. you got this! -ethan

From: tromboness

When I worry a lot about things out of my control (getting a job offer, romantic relationships), I know I can focus on my friendships and dancing. I have been really lucky in the friends I’ve found through dancing. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m feeling more content on my friendships than those other things.

From: sarahtheproud

Hey Kayla. I know that it seems like the world is against you and I understand that. Sometimes I’ll be writing and the tendons will stretch too much and hurt a lot. I know that it gets annoying and frustrating. Trust me I do! I’m 16, a junior in high school, and I can’t always write for as long as others in class, but I keep pushing through because I don’t want to miss notes. Know that you’re not alone and that it’ll be okay. Just keeping being strong and never give up. Love you friend!

From: laurie3040

Love to you and I hope you find help

From: tomtwitch91

Im sorry you’re going through this…I hope you find the proper help for it!

From: chantryrae

sending you as much love and virtual hugs as I can! I know you saw the responses in chat, but if I can help with the medical side of things, please let me know

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