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I don't know how to live anymore

My not legally married husband abandoned me in his homestate hometown with breast cancer. I don’t have any living family they were murdered in 2009. I have no want or even can figure a way to keep going. I need help so bad. I’m frozen with anxiety. I don’t know what to do. Help if u can. How do u live when your sick and have no one.

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I’m sorry for everything that you went through, it horrible what your husband did. If you have access to therapy please reach out to them. It good thing you went there plenty of people to help you and they have a good staff.

When I’m sad I to listen to music and Alan Watts. Sometime, unfortunately we had to deal with loneliness. Bit there healthy ways to deal with like, doing a hobby, cleaning and making you favors meal.
Treat yourself like how you would treat a guest, cause it important to take care of yourself.

I’m sorry you had go through that and hope things will get better.