I don't know how to respond to this

Imagine, a life where you get blamed for everything, even if it’s not their fault, a life where everyone around you is depressed of the stupidest reason (e.x. mom said no going to the mall), a life where you are abused all of the time. Put yourself into a situation like that, walk a mile in that person’s shoes. Now, think about this, you tell a trusted adult that your past, they tell you, and I quote, “either grow up and get over it or kill yourself. Nobody wants a depressed child. Get over it or grow a pair and kill yourself.”

Can someone please tell me when this would be a good response? I’m honestly curious. When? Now, not only was this said to me, but I was thinking about it too. I feel like I should take this person’s advise, and grow a pair and kill myself. I feel like this would be a great option considering how many times I hear the phrase, “go kill yourself”. If I do take this path, would I be right in doing so, or would I be giving in to all the voices and not standing up for myself? What would the last thing I want my peers and guardians to hear from my mouth?

I’m sorry for those that decided to read this I took up your time with my wasted breath.

(I forgot to mention that this person is my mom. I must see her every other weekend, or else my dad get bitched at, and my little brother gets threatened to get the same abuse that I do. Physical and mental. She’s done it before.)

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That person is a piece of shit. Don’t listen to them. They are not worthy of your time and attention. Toxic people have no place around you and you deserve sp much better. Lots of people have rough pasts and their statement is NEVER okay. Okay? We love you here. Everything will be alright.

if only it were that simple

I promise you that it is simpler than you think. Just take it one little bit at a time

Hi friend, thanks for reaching out.

I hope I’m not late for this, but I’ve been told the same thing all the time. And when a person holds an important position in our life it’s hard not to believe in what they say.

I believe that you should give a chance for tomorrow to be better than today. I know it’s hard when nothing good ever comes your way, but you have a purpose, and even if you can’t feel it right now, you’re loved. You’ll find someone good for you, but first you’ll see how good you are for yourself. Just be patient, stand up for yourself and remember you have a lot to give.

Love you

Pioggia :sunflower:

I suggest you tell the other adults in your life what your mom is doing and saying. Then get a pro/cam or use your phone that is small enough and record her doing this. Show others and if they won’t listen post it on the internet because this world is so big someone will listen.