I dont know how to stop myself to stop talking so much

Today I had done a video call to one of my classmates and we were fine at the first moment,but then after finishing our school proyect, I couldnt have hold it and I started talking to her about the good things that have happened to me. And I think that I have started to bother her or somenthing like that and maybe now she think that I am a bored person or a dont stop talking person.

I feel so ashamed about myself. If I continue being like this, I will be inmature forever.


hey friend,
you aren’t immature at all. It’s perfectly normal and fine to talk about things that are happening. If you feel like the conversation is one sided, try asking her about what good things have happened to her and maybe that’ll help you feel better? you aren’t a bother, and I doubt she thinks of you as a boring person. You are only human, my friend, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself for this :heart:


I think we all want to talk more than normal since we’re all stuck inside. It’s normal to want to talk about the good things that are happening with you. It’s exciting and you want to share that! Sometimes people like hearing other people talk and be positive, but like @nicole_kaley said, if your classmate seems bored or uncomfortable, ask her how she’s doing. That gives her the chance to share exciting news or worries, which gives you the chance to either celebrate with her or encourage her.

I think it’s easier to dial back your talking a little bit than feeling like you have nothing to say and trying to speak up just to get talked over. Feeling talkative is a gift that you can share. You feel good, you’re lively and engaging, and you can have a conversation with someone who feels lonely or invisible and make them feel like they matter :slight_smile:


Hey @Maisnow,

I can only echo our dear friends here: it’s okay to talk more than usual sometimes. It doesn’t mean you’d be immature. I know this is something you’ve been afraid of, and you shared about it several times here. This fear of being immature, annoying to others, not saying the right thing at the right moment, being inappropriate… I understand that. Sometimes I feel trap in that circle of just overthinking every thing I do or say. It’s exhausting. But you always learn something through every experience. And right now, I can only encourage you here to be more gentle with yourself.

Personally, when I’m happy about something, or super excited or hyped, I find it hard not to share about it. It’s okay. And totally natural. There are, for sure, moments that are more or less appropriate for that. But nothing wrong happened here. And maybe next time try to create more interaction with the person you’re talking to. You’re not a bother and you’re not immature, friend. You’ve been showing just here on the SW how much supportive and understanding you are. In my book, it’s far away from the definition of being immature.

Keep being you. You’ll be okay. :hrtlegolove:


@nicole_kaley, @SheetMetalHead and @Micro, I can only say thank to all of you. If someday I do a video call with someone, I will try to aply the advice you have gave me and thanks to say that I am not inmature, it means a lot!

Thanks for you time reading what I wrote and to taking your time to write a reply At the moment I feel better !

Thank you and take care !


look… it’s not bad to be exited. your not immature. and don’t be ashamed. you got exited, happy. being happy isn’t immature. your classmate should understand.

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