I don't know if this is a real issue or not(Internet drama)

So its a pretty long story. There’s this one girl in my community and EVERYONE hates her. She lies, she body shames, racist, homophobic, everything under the sun.

And I am one of the few people who she really hates because I try so hard to defend everyone against her. You can block her but then she goes on to make more dummy accounts so you can’t really get rid of her.

She apologizes only to go one and do the same stuff again. She deletes things that will incriminate her and she plays the victim. I’ve tried to help her in the past but she actively refuses. She said she doesn’t want help after always whining about it.

Today I woke up and found out she used all her dummy accounts to try and get me banned off the platform. After I left the girl alone, blocked her, and never bothered to participate in anything that had to do with her. She still held an grudge against me for blocking her accounts. And went on the attack. I got a warning from the developer over disrespect and bullying which is something I’ve never done. But it’s my second warning now so now im a little scared.

And I have no plans to unblock her accounts or fight her back because that’s exactly what she wants. But I don’t want to lose the people I have so much fun with everyday just because of a bully that hates me.

Kind of ruined my day and I’m a little upset


Message those you want to remain in touch with that you’re opening a new account. Don’t give the information to any of them who might inform her of the new account. Pre-emptively block her from the new account. Then you can continue talking to your friends without her bothering you. If you’re not using the old account, and she continues to report negative stuff about you, the administrators will be able to see that you’ve not been using the account, and she must be lying. However, if you’re talking about a site like FB, she’s not likely to face any consequences.

It is a real issue if you’ve made a beneficial connection with others, and she’s interfering with it. I used to use a program called “Paltalk.” There was a woman there who trolled people constantly, including me. She had a new screen name every few days, but I could always tell it was her, and would address her by name. She never denied her actual identity either. It was a really strange situation. I sensed pain behind her meanness, and ended up caring about her, and in a sense indebted to her because she evoked in me a higher level of tolerance and intuition.

Anyway, now you’ve got me thinking about her, and I’m gonna go back to that site and see if I can find out how she’s doing.

When people behave badly, is when the rubber hits the road when it comes to living our values. Keep in mind, it’s not you she’s attacking. Instead, she’s attacking her own projection of who she thinks you are. Sadly, in social media, that’s become a matter of routine. You don’t need to get sucked into the drama.


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