I don't know myself

I need help and advice I don’t know what’s wrong with me I feel empty and emotionless it just suddenly came on. Suddenly I’m completely emotionless about listening to my music and I want to want to fit iin with the music and bands I’m in now. I love Black Veil Brides, and I’ve tried expanding my taste, listening to bands similar, but I just can’t get into them. I’m just not wanting to listen to anything and music is the thing that’s always been there for me what’s wrong with me? I don’t want myself to suddenly dislike music. I just feel lost and lonely. I want to fit in with the hard rock/metal/alternative music scene because I feel like it’s the only place I could belong. Am I picky or what’s wrong i don’t know. Please help

Have you looked into HeartSupports Dwarf Planet? If you can’t afford it then you can get a free copy but it will help you explore and understand your depression/feelings a little more. If you don’t like that type of music then don’t force yourself to. Here at HeartSupport we won’t love you any less because you don’t like metal/rock.
Hell - I listen to artists like Sia, Jessie J and Demi Lovato and no one has treated me any differently to others who listen to the heavier music. Just be you. Listen to what YOU like and don’t let anyone take it away.

Hold fast

@Kayla, idk I love BVB and their music more than anything but it sort of is driving me nuts that I don’t like similar artists. I feel like I’m going insane

Hey friend. First of all thanks for posting and letting us know how you feel, we appreciate it. <3

Losing interest in things that usually mean the world to you and make you happy is extremely common symptom of depression. But it doesn’t automatically mean it’s forever! There’s a high change you will find yourself enjoying those things again in the future like nothing happened. In the moment tho, connecting with anything can be really difficult, and losing touch with things that mean the world to you can be really scary. I’m sorry you feel like that, but please don’t think it’s the end of it all. You will be okay.

Please don’t stress so much about fitting in. There’s a place for everyone in this world. It seems like you feel at home in the alternative music scene - that’s great! But please don’t feel hopeless if you sometimes stray away or even if the day comes when you no longer relate to those bands. You will be loved and there’s a home for you in this world, no matter what.

It seems to me like you’re hitting a rough patch with depression. Have you reached out to professional help? Asking for help to deal with these emotions is okay, you deserve help when you feel lost and alone. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not flawed or broken. You’re hitting a low point and could use some help to get through and connect with the world again. We’re here to offer you that help, and a professional psychologist or therapist could help you too, they tend to have more practical approach to dealing with these issues. (coping mechanisms they can teach you, for example!)

Again, thank you for reaching out to people here on HeartSupport. I believe in you and I know you will be okay. Keep us posted on how everything goes. Much love. x