I dont know what else to do

I’m 19 I’ve been dealing with depression anxiety you name it since I was 12 I was bullied a lot in school I’ve never really had any friends in alone a lot I don’t have a support system I have no friends my family aren’t any help my boyfriend doesn’t have time for me I believe I was a mistake I’ve been trying to get better for seven years and I’ve made no progress I have no friends no job I’m stuck in a one-sided relationship because I’m scared of being alone I don’t think I can deal with this world much longer I don’t think it gets any better I’m not pretty I’m not smart I’m not funny or anything I have nothing to offer this place or anyone on it I’m better off dead everyones life always seem to catapult forward once im out of their life maybe thatll happen for the people i care about once im gone things will get better for them they wont have to deal with me being needy or clingy or my moodswings or me always being sad or wanting to hang out or calling to much they can find someone they deserve and someone who can be good enough for them my mom will have my brothers my grama doesnt really care about me so she wont notice my brothers barely talk to me so they wont notice my boyfriend will probably be relieved im gone theres nothing keeping me here besides my own fear of what comes next but i feel its worth it its never gonna get any better so why try why keep fighting to just be in more pain


Hey, you are not alone. We are here for you. I know it’s hard but please keep going. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You matter. You are here for a reason. God created you with a purpose. Please, don’t give up! I want to share these videos with you. I really hope it will help you https://youtu.be/L33djEEMEE8 https://youtu.be/TNpXDDKomT0 Keep fighting!

Hey I feel you. However I do disagree with no one would miss you. If your boyfriend didn’t love you he would leave you right? As for your family, just because they aren’t very open about it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t miss you. Given I don’t know their personalities, but oftentimes I am only alive because I couldn’t imagine the pain my sister would go through. They bottom line is that you still have people in your life who love you even though you may not realize it.

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