I dont know what I'm doing anymore

I feel as if I’m trapped in a body that can hold all of me, I always find myself having to breathe until I faint. And I know its not good to mouth breathe, but if I dont I cant feel anything. I cant see anything. I’m the last choice for everything, my family, my friends. I cant do anything to make my parents proud, they dont understand why I cant just stop cutting. I dont have anybody. I dont even have myself.

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Hey, you don’t need to get anyone’s approval. It seems like it, but they shouldnt dictate your life. You may think you’re the last choice for everyone, you’re not a choice. They don’t understand you, and they don’t need to. Dont try to win someone over when they aren’t worth it.
Before you put yourself before others, work on yourself. Find yourself, it’ll take work, but you can do it I know you can. Find what makes you happy, angry, scared.
I believe in you.
Hold Fast

Hey I don’t know you or your story but I just wanted to let you know that you are loved.