I dont know what im doing

i really dont know what im doing i feel like im just running around in circles i dont know why im here like what purpose do i serve why am i here who am i helping i feel like i just put my pain on everyone else i just cut and im at my dads house im like twelve btw and i dont talk to my dad because he is the reson i cut and i cant really text my mom cuz they take my devises this is my schools computer they dont really think about it as a toy i dont want to talk to my mom anyway she is having a hard time i know she tells me not to worry about her but i know it hurts listening to me cry over my dad daily i dont want to hurt anyone i dont know if i can talk to my sister i feel like my parents would here me its like 11:00 im supposed to be asleep i dont know who i am i hate my life i need help or idk what im going to do

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Hi there !

I hope that you are doing okay :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I think that at one moment in our life, we all have been feeling like that and I think that is normal, because that the interesting part of living, to live to try to find the answer to those question.

There was a time that i feel that way and for what that I understood the only thing that you are getting thinking like that is to hurt yourself more and at the same time hurting the one that care about you. I know that it isnt easy but you cant let those feeling get over you and I know that you are more than what you are feeling.

So my advice would be, talk to someone about how you are feeling, I think that it will help you with this battle that you are having with yourself. You dont have to do it alone, dont shut you out! And you are only 12 year old, you are starting to live and you have to see and do a lot of things in your life, so dont give up!

I dont know why your dad is the reason you cut, but I think that there isnt any reason to approve when it means to cut yourself. Your skin isnt a paper, you deserve to treat yourself with love and respect.

And like a song says: No scar to your beautiful

Take care! And thanks a lot for sharing your story!

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Hi @fynn!

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time right now. Could you let us know why your dad is the reason you cut? How come your school takes your devices so you can’t text your mom? Have you tried talking to your sister about it?

Stay strong. We believe in you.


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Hi @fynn!

Thank you for being open to post within this community and being vulnerable with what has been going on at home.

I am sorry that you are having a rough experience being around your dad and not being able to talk to him since as you said “he is the reason that you cut.”

You are here for a huge reason and alive because you do not know who will impact in your day to day interactions whether it is friends or family. Do not feel guilt for sharing how your heart is hurting or the amount of pain you are in daily.

If there is a guidance counselor at your school or a teacher you trust please feel free to talk to them openly and without judgment.

Keep holding on

  • Eric J F.

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