I don't know what to do anymore and doesn't seem to get better

struggling with extreme emotional outbursts that started all of a sudden and i don’t know why it is happening… never used to be like this but can’t control my emotions… i’m afraid of it happening again and i’m staying away from people in case it will… can’t carry on like this, i feel like a prisoner in my own mind, too afraid to share with somebody in the real world for many reasons, but mostly because i know i’ll just burst out crying and won’t be able to talk… getting emotional just thinking about it while i write this…

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Hey @doug

Thank you for sharing this with our community, I am you feel safe enough here to talk about it.

I just want to tell you that its okay to feel and its okay to have emotions. I know it can be really overwhelming, but its okay to feel too much. There is nothing wrong with you for feeling or for having emotions.

I know it can be really confusing to have feelings come out from seemingly no where. Its stressful and not fun. But I would STRONGLY urge you NOT to withdraw from people. Isolating will make everything much much worse. I know its scary, but people will surprise you. If you are just open with your friends and family about what you’re going through, more than likely they will want to be there for you and help you through it. People love you and care about you, and I am sure that some of them have even experienced similar outbursts.

Lastly, if it is something you feel you just can’t control or get a grip of I would suggest maybe seeing a professional counselor or therapist about it. Therapy has helped me immensely through the years.

And we are always here for you if you ever need to talk about anything. Thank you for being a part of our community here.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Presley

I’ve always been very emotional and emphatic towards other people even though i don’t show it, but now it is become a thousand times exaggerated and i’m worried that i might not control my emotions or myself and become violent… it doesn’t happen all the time, only when i get into an argument about something, then i withdraw…

I just don’t know why it is happening and why i can’t control it and i’m worried that it might become worse.

Hey @doug !!
I have emotional outbursts sometimes too… like frequently. Something that has helped me challenge my emotions and energy in these times is being creative. A lot of times I will grab a paper and some cheap oil pastels, paints, markers, etc anything I have on hand, and let out my emotions on paper. Most times its messy. But its for me and its to get my feelungs out.
I will also sing at tge top of my lungs and dance lol. Just anything to get my feelings out!!

Also its okay to cry. I used to think i was weak for crying… but some people cant cry even. Crying lets things out.

Keeo your head up.