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I dont know what to do currently

My anxiety has been extremely high lately for many reasons. I am having alot of health issues. AMD alot of toxic family issues. I have been posting on here alot lately and yall are really helping me alot and I am taking the advice yall are giving me. What ever I do I cant stop the anxiety the sleepless nights the extremely dark thought and the self harm. What’s been bothering me lately is a old friend she events to me all the time which I welcome I want to be their support and be their for her and her boyfriend but everytime I try to vent she would rudely hangup cut me off make fun of what I’m going thru or just tell me how I’m wrong. So I decided to put barriers around this friendship which is extremely hard this is a 15 plus year friendship and it feels like it is going down the drain and with everything else going on it’s just alot. I’m scared to talk to my other friends about what’s going on becuase I dont want to bring them down or have then worry I know everyone has problems and their own battles. My battles have been really rough lately and honestly if I could just get a hug that would make my days better but most of my days are spent in a dark room full of dark thoughts and I just dont know how to battle all of it together and I feel terrible that I constantly post on here even tho I know that what it is ment for like I said before other people having problems too.

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Hey there @Twister! I’m sorry to hear your anxiety’s been flaring up lately. I’m really glad you came here to share :heart:

I want to reassure you that taking some time away from friends who don’t know how to help you doesn’t mean the end of a friendship. I can’t imagine why they’d respond so rudely to you opening up. I promise you don’t deserve this! If they’re going to act like that, it’s completely okay to create a little bit of distance so that you can focus on getting well. You can come back together with them when they’re ready to support you like a friend, or when you feel strong enough to. This is only a suggestion though! You know your life and situation better than I do :slight_smile:

It’s scary to reach out to your other friends, but you never know - maybe they’re going through something similar. I’m always glad when my friends confide in me. If they’re your friends they might feel the same way - they probably love you and would be happy to be there for you :heart: It doesn’t bring them down, I promise. It raises us all up when we’re there for each other. I think reaching out to them would be a good idea.

Anxious cycles are something I’m painfully familiar with, but that means I’ve figured out a couple of things that have helped. I hope they can help you too! I spent a lot of time stuck in my room with my thoughts, but I found that the most important thing is stopping those thoughts in their tracks - doing anything to interrupt their flow so I can slow myself down a bit. That can mean putting on some music, listening to your breathing, watching a movie or a youtube video, or my favourite: Going on a walk. I just tell myself that this moment is all that’s real, that the future isn’t here yet, only now is. So I focus on where I am and what I can do now as much as I can, and trust that I’ll do the same when the future arrives. I hope that resonates!

Thank you for sharing! :heart: Stay strong, you’re doing so well! I’d hug you from here if I could :heart: No matter what happens, you’ve got support right here with us