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I don't know what to do. I don't want to cry for help, but, I'm scared

She doesn’t think its “practical” she thinks about where I’d put the litter box or how the dog would eat the litter or how the dog would not like the cat. Yet she’s always talking about how great it would be to foster a cute kitten, while saying this shit to me. And she wont even let me ask for a dog. I really hate it, she’s always asking me what she can do to help but she never actually fucking HELPS ME. So I’ve stopped asking for her help, I’ve stopped opening up, because what’s the god dman point? I can’t stand it, no one ever fucking listens to me. If you really wanted me to live you’d fucking help me. But no, you think I can’t have a pet because its too much work for you??? Even though I’m always taking care of other people? Ecspecially their pets!!! I mean I’m enrolled in a fucking animal medicine school and you really still think im not cut out for a pet? And it’s not your responsibility in the first place, I wouldn’t let anyone touch them anyways because I have fucking seperation anxiety and I’d get jealous if anyone bonded with that cat more than me. Even so I’d let them live their life since it’s not my choice. I mean I can’t know if I dont try right? But no, you don’t want to actually help me. You want to do what’s convenient for you. So fine, just let me continue to suffer. Watch me fucking die. Because that’s what’s going to happen eventually. I’m on the ledge every fucking day. I mean if you’re not going to help me you’re just fucking asking for it. But I don’t say anything to you because I don’t want you to suffer either, and there’s no point in telling you what’s wrong, because you don’t want to fucking help me anyways. So watch me die I guess.

I went on a rant, I get pissed off when it comes to pets. But at least it made me focus on something else rather than what I’m worried about.


It’s okay I get mad and rant for hour so it’s okay. That not fair to you when you have said that it would help you and said that you would take care of it.


I was going to suggest DM’ing, but Micro did, so that’s cool. I understand your preference for older people. I was like that since the early childhood. I was no good at relating to my peers, so I spent as much time as possible alone.

I am glad that you are aware that the projected ignorance of others is evidence of their mental health problems, not yours, and theirs can be more damaging towards others than yours, because they don’t know how screwed up they are.

Should the offensiveness of someone who has a functional brain deficit be taken personally?

The body builds tolerance to most medications, then in order to remain effective, the dosage needs to be increased, or the other option is to switch to a different medication. Sometimes, doctors will actually suggest a “medication holiday,” meaning taking a break from the medication for a while, then it becomes effective when starting back on it.

I really would like to stay in contact with you, so if you do change your name, I hope you share it with me. That doesn’t mean you have to share secrets or details. I just like to know how you’re feeling, and if possible, provide some useful support.

I like your career choice of working with animals. I used to volunteer at the animal shelter, walking and training dogs. I still do occasionally spend time with other people’s dogs. I do have a huge, often mean, orange cat. He had a rough start in life, and he remains feral. So I have all the responsibility and expense of owning a cat, but not very much positive interaction with him. He’s had medical and dental issues, and so far I’ve spent about $5000 taking care of them. As I suspect that you would do, I am letting him live his life.

It sounds like your mom is probably not going to change her mind about a pet. She seems to have a deep aversion to the idea, probably related to some emotional issue in the past. Keep in mind, you won’t always be in a situation where you can’t have a pet.