I dont know what to do please help

the other day my friend told me he was going to kill himself and he is not responding to my text i need help i don’t know what to do]


sorry my friend woke up and said it was a joke
i hate him

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Hey @happyzebra,

It’s good to hear that your friend is okay, although I imagine that it certainly feel like a bittersweet kind of feeling. There are definitely things that are not worth joking about, although it’s not common for people to joke about that kind of thing.

Do you think it is possible that your friend was not joking at the time but regretted saying it afterwards? Sometimes we try to cover up something by saying it was just a joke. Not assuming anything of course – it just sounds like a good conversation with your friend would be needed in the future, once the roller coaster of emotions following this event would have settled a little bit.

I hope you can rest and breathe a little bit. It must have taken a lot of your energy to not know what was going on and what to do. In the future, in this kind of situation happen and you know the person’s address, it’s always better to call the emergencies to do a check in at their home rather than not. It’s okay to do so. Better safe than sorry as we say. :hrtlegolove:

well after i said that his brother said it was a joke but then i told my friend and he said he wanted to but couldn’t

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