I don't know what to do (TW) suicidal ideations

Hi this is Kio, Idk how long I’ll be fronting, but I need to bring up some stuff Xaii keeps refusing to talk about. He’s losing motivation fast, thinking about suicide every day, and is at stress constantly. I don’t know what to do to help him. But I know I can start by telling someone and asking for help. I need to talk to his therapist but every time he goes to see him he doesn’t let us talk. Refuses and denys these emotions and thoughts. Right now we are supposed to be doing a reveiw, studying for tommrorows test, homework, studying past classes for next week’s tech assignments, and sleep because we have to wake up at 3am to get ready for husbandry (mandatory school active work) and then do actual school, husbandry again, then be home by 6-7pm. I can feel Xaii right now borderline trying to get the body’s control to get up and impulsively take sodium nitrite after taking his night meds and it’s scaring me. I don’t know how much longer we can keep him at bay. No one wants to die, we don’t want him to die, but we can’t keep doing this forever. He keeps thinking about it. Over and over, I can’t… He says he’s just a lazy fuck but I think he’s overworked, I don’t think he can handle stuff like this. He keeps saying that he’s lazy and if he can’t do this he mine as well give up and die. Someone please help. Idk if he needs more meds or needs actual help? Idk what to do. We don’t know. We just know that he’s struggling alot right now and we know there’s not much we can do about it except for keeping him from trying to kill himself. We want to reach out to someone but I can’t reach out to his friends because he won’t let me. And I can’t tell family because he will just deny it anyways. He doesn’t want anyone to worry, so we don’t know where else to go rn. We have a test tommrrow and it’s right after husbandry, so if we finish husbandry late he won’t have enough time to take his test which he already needs accomidations for and will fail it. I want to do the studying right now, and the reveiw, but I can’t move. Just, someone please help us. Someone please help him.


Do what you can to help him feel loved.

If he’s calling himself a lazy fuck, he has self esteem issues. That in itself, if it’s extreme enough, can trigger suicidal thoughts.

Often, people get depressed when they compare themselves with others. They think about things they should be able to do or should have done but haven’t. That leads to negative self talk. If he doesn’t think much of himself, he probably doesn’t think much of his opinions either.

If he believes you are sincere and credible, you are the one to remind him of his value. If he disagrees with you, remind him of how much he trusts you’re wisdom. If he admits that you know what you are talking about, he’ll have to admit that his self assessment is inaccurate. Consider yourself a comforting presence who is providing him with the gift of truth, because that is exactly who you are.

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