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I don't know what to do with my life

There’s only a month left of summer and I’ve done nothing. I wanted to get out and hang with people, go to shows and shit but all I’ve done is just sit on my doing nothing. I want to get away from this town. I hate it here. No way I’m getting into any colleges so I’m probably gonna be stuck here. I don’t wanna waste more time doing nothing but I got nothing better to do. I dunno what to do.



Believe I know that feeling and it bummer. I know you be younger (Im assuming), but I dealing with same thing. Im 28 years and still with my parents with dead end job. Im greatful I did get college degree and have loyal friends. However, I have admit, it does get boring when we do the same stuff like going bar wasting on booze. I just from vacation and dont wrong I had great, but me and friend did not go out at night like bar or anything. We did some stuff. On the other hand, I was hoping to party and a good time. In addition, I do trap in this area call new england, where I never get like go to canada, new jeresy or anywhere interesting. I do everyday, I just work, then sleep and then repeat. It suck man, I know my sitiution is different . I do feel like in stuck and lost.

Otherwise, there some you try like picking a passion ( whatever it running, skateboard, biking, acting or what you may interested in. Dont stress about good at too, do it for fun. You find can do by yourself too. Like go to moive, a walk or simply as going to supermart or mall.

Also college is not everything etheir, the good thing you wont owe any , money so use that money to plan a trip no how big or small. Overall, try find something that is fun and dont try make everything happen at once, Just start getting out your house or town. Dont stress, it happen to best of us.

Have you thought about joining some groups on MeetUp or on Facebook with similar hobbies? Try to connect with people and see what you can do. Don’t give up.

hey ash,

welcome to my life! i know what you mean,…

i wanted to have THIS SUMMER of my life. I wanted to go out, concerts, meet friends…make memories.
And now, we are here. I’m sitting most the time at home, i was at 1 concert und 1 time at a cocktail bar.

I hate my town, too. The people, the feeling here…everything.

But what i also do, i prepare for next year! i begin sport, searching for a new job, checking out new cities. So… if you hate your town, leave this place!

You want a change? Be the change! :wink:

Are there any cities you are interessted in? maybe from sport, concerts or something?

Start by making small goals everyday! It’s impossible to get up and just leave and have this perfect life. But if you start by setting goals for yourself (even the littlest ones) you’ll feel as though you accomplished something and you’re doing something rather than wasting time.