I dont know what to do

I’ve been seeing my therapist for a little over a year now and although she is great I feel like I’m not getting anything out of my appointments anymore. the last two times I was getting irritated cause I felt like she wasnt understanding where I was coming from on most things we talked about. and it’s the same advice over and over. I’ve been feeling like this for awhile now but I think I just now really realized cause I was afraid of if I stop seeing someone I’ll have a fall back. I think what I wanna do is see my actual doctor and get back on the medication I was once on because I remember it helped me a great deal. Even my mom said she noticed a huge difference in my energy level / mood when I was taking medication. the only thing is Im kinda dreading how people (mainly family) will react because their shaming was the reason I stopped to begin with. I just dont know what I should do… and I dont want to make the wrong decision for myself.

Hey @alyssagmz61,

Sometimes it takes a while to find the right counselor that clicks with you. Studies show that, comparing a seasoned counselor to a brand-new counselor, that at the end of the day, you’ll reap most of the benefits from the counselor who you connect with more (not necessarily solely based on their experience level). That said, don’t feel bad if you feel like you need to switch counselors. I went through a few before I found someone who really clicked with me. So, don’t drop out - instead, switch people. Just my two-cents. :slight_smile:


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If you feel like medication has personally benefited you to the point where it’s again a valid option and you have seen improvement, then I would advise going that route. If not, I’d continue therapy, but look for a different therapist. I personally went through 3 different therapists before I found the one I had before I moved. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of either, sometimes it takes a little bit to click. If you know what works for you, something that helps you improve and make progress, then go for that option. It’s your own life, nobody else can live it for you. People can be mean and hurtful, but letting them bring you down while you’re making progress because of something they might not agree with is not a healthy way to live and actually can impede your path, like you mentioned in your post. Take back your heart and mind and take the steps to nurture them back to health the ways that work for you.

Your health, whether it’s mental, physical, emotional, etc., is way more important than anything that someone else may think. We’re all very different people and don’t heal the same way. What works for someone else, may not work for you, and that’s okay!

Things will get better, friend. You’re amazing and so brave and strong. Thank you for sharing. You’ll get through this. :heart:


I say follow your heart and whatever you think is right is what you should do. Because at the end of day only you are going to live your life. If you want to better yourself and you think medication is better for you than therapy than as long as it is not addictive then go for it. It seems like your mom understands so then if you wouldn’t be shamed for it then go for it. WE LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for sharing with us and I wish the best for you in this time of struggle.

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If you don’t think your current therapist is helping, it might be a good idea to try to find another one. Interesting factoid: My friend is a counselor. She actually told me the most effective counseling happens within the first 8 weeks or so (I can’t remember exactly what she said .) That’s not to say that you can’t be helped after, but that the most progress will be seen then. (Again, don’t quote me on that but it was something to that effect.) She told me this after I was was seeing someone and I felt like things were starting to become stagnant. It made me realize maybe it wasn’t me, or the fact that the person counseling me didn’t want to meet with me anymore. But it was just this fact. All that to say it may have nothing to do with you. Maybe mention how you feel to your therapist, and see what he/she says. But if you really feel you could benefit seeing someone else, and you have that option, try that

Also, you need to do what you need to do for yourself. If that means taking medication, take medication. It is your life. As hard as it might be, your life and well being are more important than people’s opinions.

You can do this! Keep pressing on. We are for you, whatever you decide!


I just found a new psychiatrist for that very reason-we were not really connected any more. It was a several month process but worth it, although during it there were many times I would not have said so. I have learned that doctors do want to help but can’t always tell when they aren’t. Trust yourself.


First, I just wanna say that it’s okay if you don’t click with everyone or feel that they don’t understand you! Not everyone will. But I think it’s important to try and find somebody who does click/fit with you. It may actually be more beneficial to go to someone else and see what they can offer. Sometimes even the people trying to help us have reached their… “peak” and don’t know what else to do/say. I have seen a few different counselors and even “graduated” from the last one simply because he didn’t know how else to help me. He had given me all of the advice he could… And that was that. It can be discouraging for sure… But at the same time, provides an opportunity for us to grow/heal even more elsewhere. So take advantage of this opportunity and try to find someone else who you click with!

As for the medication thing? Please do not let shame keep you from getting the help you need and have benefited from previously! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with taking medication. Our bodies are all made up differently and sometimes, some people NEED certain medications to help regulate themselves and/or to live in a healthier/happier way. That is OKAY! Just because other people are not made up the same way and don’t need the extra help does not make mean they are any better than you! And just because you DO need the extra help does not mean you are “less than” because of it. Anything (or anyone) telling you that is a lie(liar). Any of the shame you’re feeling in general is a lie! Especially within this community. You are seen! And are so loved. :purple_heart: You’ve got this!!!


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Alyssa, so sorry to hear your going through this stuff. It is brave and awesome that you’ve come here and shared your story with this community. That’s a good while to being seeing your current therapist. I would start with them. I don’t know your therapist so I can only speak in general terms and from my experience with my therapist but they are there to help you and if you feel you’re not benefiting anymore let them know. Maybe convey this agitation you’ve felt. A good therapist is there to accept and understand you. It’s your time. My therapist periodically asks me if I still feel that I’m benefiting or if I would like to try another therapist. There are different styles too so if your therapist is more talk related perhaps look for a therapist that is more about homework and changing behaviors. Also talk with the therapist about the medication as well as your doctor. Medication is a good place to start to help stabilize especially if you feel your emotions are gaining the upper hand. Medications have a caution to them but for short term they can give you another tool to help stabilize while you build on other skills to fight the thoughts. We’re all here for you. You are loved.


Hey friend,

It is really important to find a therapist that works for you. There are so many different styles of counseling and so many different types of therapists. Also, people’s needs change, so it’s okay if your therapist doesn’t work for you anymore. There is no shame in trying to find someone who clicks better with you where you are now. I would also encourage you to look up therapists near you and look at the specific areas that they specialize in, to see what could fit your life best.

Also, there is no shame in taking medication, whether it’s for something physical or mental. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it’s a shame that there is such a stigma around treating and being aware of mental health. Please try your best to ignore people who shame treatment of mental health, because that is a very negative, toxic, and unhealthy mentality to live with.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help, and don’t be afraid to help yourself. It’s okay to not be okay. Things will get better. We love you and we believe in you.