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I don't know why I was born

I have had pain from as early as I can remember… I don’t think I can do it again and again

Frist of all, hi :smile:

When I was younger, many times I felt that I did not fit into society, I was always very lonely, I never said what I felt, until now I have discovered the importance of saying what hurts us, how certain actions lead you to feel bad, And this affects your emotional health as well as your mental health.


Hi Bram, I know that my actions have got me here to this point in my life and I haven’t always spoken what was on my mind but I feel like I am being punished by God or something

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But what is the main problem that you have been struggling with those emotions?. :confused:

What type of pain are you feeling, and what are the sources of that pain?

I was divorced last October and my whole life blew apart and I realised that all my life I have been abused and its really hard to get a revelation of that and still feel like I matter

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Wow. Coming to grips with years of abuse must be back breaking. Good for you for reaching out for help. We are not meant to struggle alone. Healing from years of abuse will likely be a long and difficult road, but healing truly is possible.

Sometimes I simply look to escape and numb my pain, but that just kicks it down the road. Good for you for acknowledging and feeling your pain. You are important and you matter to the world.

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It is tempting to numb ourselves, I was a drug addict for 5 years… But even though the pain is unbearable at times, I don’t want to miss one more moment of life… Drugs steal time from you


I like that. Yeah, they really do. That temporarily relief is tempting but just so awful in the long run.

hello and welcome
i thought i am being punished too
who is the punisher
don’t think so
suprisingly my punisher is my thought my attitude
the way i look at life
i don’t say i am fine entirley i confess i have ups and downs a lot
a lot more than a normal person but i don’t want to feel pain that’s all
so i’m gonna try to fight these feelings back i think you can do it too
they will back down one day
or i hope so
take care
and welcome to the family again

I can relate. It’s like everyone including my family hates me and that nothing will ever go right no matter how hard I try.

I hate my parents for having me.

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