I dont know why im still here

I got through last night wothout making another attempt to kms but my niggest issue is i dont have a purpose in life and idk how to find my purpose in life

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Hi Lyric,

I’m glad to see you back.

This is the million dollar question, as they say. Nobody can tell you the purpose in life or why any of us are here. I’ve always believed that we need to manifest our own purpose. I can’t tell you your purpose in life, but I can tell you you’re not alone. I think everyone has these questions about what they are meant to do or be. The great thing is, you can do or be anything you want. If you decide you want to help people, maybe become a nurse or a counselor. If you want to help introduce the world to new things, perhaps go the way of becoming an engineer. Want to cure cancer? Become an Oncologist. Or maybe you’d feel complete as a mother, I know a lot of people say that parenting is their calling.

You really can’t know immediately, the only way to learn your purpose is to stick around and give yourself a chance to flourish :slight_smile: You’ve got this, Lyric. You’re stronger than you know.

oh hey Lyric
i got worried really then i saw this massege i left a comment on your privoius post i am really glad you are still here
but it seems it is getting scary isn’t it
ask for help
non of us can give you what you truly need Lyric
the point is that by the time you turn off your wifi we are all gone
we are alone again
you need real help girl …
suicide is not becuase you wanna die because you can’t talorate it anymore
ask for help before things get out of control

Honestly its mostly needing someone to listen and i cant get help atm i dont get a nee therapist till January (moving a few hours from where im residing) so right now just having people to listen helps the encouragement gets me through more then everyone thinks

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i would really be glad to have conversation with you
if talking about your inside feeling would help you to lift the prussure up then that’s great and i really do like to be the person who listens to you from bottom of my heart

I am going to take 2 years of gap years then 2 years community collage then 2 years university too become a highschool phsycology teacher i also want to foster and foster to adopt kids basicly be a home thats stable for however long teens need wether its forever 2 months a year or 2 days however long im there i also want to have a kid or 2 of my own be an amazing mom be a teacher get married to my bf some day i have alot planned for my life i just gatta keepy head up

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That sounds like a great life plan; it looks like you have a lot to look forward to. :slight_smile: Not only that but I know many people who were nowhere near that organized and ambitious at your age. You’re doing great, Lyric.

Hi Lyric, let me just say that I’m so proud of you for making it this far. You’re strong. Let me ask you a question, what do you like doing? Drawing, making music, singing, and more, focus on what you love doing. If you even want to, pursue a career in what you love doing! There’s hope in this world for everyone. You deserve a happy life, especially after a suicide attempt. You seem incredibly nice from what I can tell. Take care Lyric.
From, Elliot


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