"I don't like my mind right now"

A bunch of stuff has just been running through my mind. One of the biggest things is that I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a few weeks and every time that I try to hangout with him someone or something screws up my plans like an hour before and I feel like such a dick for constantly cancelling on him. I’m afraid that he’s tired of me or that he thinks I’m tired of him or that I’m cheating on him or something.

Another thing is that I just feel excluded from my friend group, they all hangout without me. Welp, time to find a new friend group.

I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with people right now. If you can, try talking to your boyfriend. Maybe you can plan something small like a movie night where you don’t have to leave your house or you’ll be inside at his place? You could speak to the friends you’re closest too in your group and hang out too… I always say look at people as individuals not as a group no matter how much you think you know them. I hope things work out for you.

Hold fast

I agree with @Kayla talk to your boyfriend and see what can be worked out and try to hang out when you can. With your friends, if you feel comfortable talk to the ones that you are closest too and find out why they do not include you. I have had similar experiences and it sucks and hurts when people do not include you or make plans without you. Know that you can always reach out here and talk about anything.

Hey @Bentley.
You could talk to your boyfriend, explain how you feel and how things are going and be honest with him so he knows you care.
I’m sorry about your friends. I know how that feels. Some people don’t like or understand you, and that’s their problem. There’s nothing wrong with you, they just don’t get it. And if they don’t, then who cares. You will find new friends who can be with you physically, and always remember we are here. We will help you.

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Thank you guys so much. I actually just got done hanging out with him and he basically gave me the reassurance I needed. I feel much better now.

As far as my friends go… Well, I’m still working on that

That’s awesome that you got to be with him and got reassurance. Keep working with your friends and hopefully that can end up being a positive outcome. Know that we are always here if you ever need to talk about anything.