I dont think I can last any longer in my household

I really dont get it anymore I’ve honestly tried these past few months to work on my self and use my techniques from therapy but it just doesn’t work. For example with my mom every time i say something rometly nice she will take it in bad context and assume I’m insulting her it can be from the most harmless of things. With my brother to when ever he bothers me, many times will i say calmly for him to stop and he wont so then when i loose it, i get sent to the mental hospital. As of right now i’ve been counting the times my mom threatened to call the police on me and give me anxiety instead of helping me calm down. And not to mention my parents fight a lot even on my birthday last week. There’s many more things that’s been happening and i dont know if i can even last it’s tearing me apart. I’m the burden Just maybe if i didn’t exist everything would be ok.


I’m sorry that you’re feeling so frustrated. It sounds as though there has been tension and communication problems in your family for a long time. With such long-term problems within the family, even if a member starts to say and do everything right, there is still a really good chance that those words and actions will lead to negative reactions from family members who are in the habit of reacting to things in a negative way.

Your mother may continue to take things the wrong way, and your brother may continue to be irritating. You might as well plan on them not changing anytime soon.

However, you can keep working on yourself. The situation you are in might provide good practice in coping with difficult people. It’s essential that you learn how to be around such people without “losing it.” It takes quite a bit longer than “these past few months,” to develop effective coping strategies.

There was almost constant bickering and chaos in my family. I got pretty good at staying out of it and not being noticed. My birthday was ignored every year except one, when I was six. Christmas was celebrated twice. My parents were too preoccupied with their own dysfunction to celebrate it in other years.

I “lost it” a few times, but got around to being able to not let their bad behavior get to me.

Keep working on your therapy techniques, as the more you do, the better they will become. Circumstances change. You won’t be living with your family forever.

If you didn’t exist, everything would not be okay. You exist for a reason. Over the years, many will benefit from your presence.

Be as patient as you can with your family. Maybe, when things get tense, you can withdraw from the situation, at least for a little while.

Let us know how things are going.


Hey there, @Jay. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through this. I can’t imagine how difficult it is. I think it’s important to remember that you are not a burden whatsoever.

I’d recommend sitting down and having a conversation with your mom about why she does this whenever you try to be nice to her. I know communication can be hard but maybe finding the reason why she acts like this can help you figure out how to approach having a conversation with her. Sometimes people do things out of misunderstanding or frustration and it’s important to get to the bottom of situations and problems like these.

I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now but I think it’s important to remember that all of this is temporary and you will get through it. It may be hard to see the end of this or the way out of it, but it’s there. One day you’ll get out of the house and find a world waiting for you, and you’ll find freedom and some happiness.

It’s hard to see the end of a bad situation when we’re in it but everything will pass eventually.

I’m extremely proud of you for trying to work on yourself and use the techniques you’ve learned from therapy. That’s extremely hard work but you’re doing it. I understand that it might seem like these things aren’t working but they just take practice and time to perfect and you will get there. You’re trying to be better and that’s all that matters even if you can’t see it. I’m still extremely proud of you for trying, that’s what’s important.

As I said in the beginninng of this, you are never a burden, and your life has meaning, more meaning than you could ever know. It’s okay to mess up and make mistakes in life, that’s just a part of the journey and what’s important is learning from them and always trying to grow as a person, which it sounds like you’re honestly trying to do.

You will get through this, you’ll find the light, and you will be stronger when you get through it. Everything bad you go through in life will pass and they will make you stronger in the end. It might be hard to see that now but it’s true. I know people say things like that all of the time but they say it because it’s true. Everything is temporary. It’s not your job to change other people, you can only change yourself. It’s not your responsibility to change how your family acts, just how you act.

I believe in you, and your strength to get through this. I know it’s tough right now but it will get better, and easier. Just remember that you aren’t a burden and your life has meaning. It will get better, friend. You mean the absolute world to me. Hold fast. :heart:


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