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I don't think I have any other option

I think i’m ready to end it, though im not sure. My mom doesn’t seem to care, she says she does but I don’t see it. And my brother makes fun of me for having depression. My dad is caring, but I feel like i’ve disappointed him. My family is already going through problems with helping my youngest brother with autism. I feel like I just add stress to their lives. On top of that I have no one to turn to. I just feel like shit all the time


You in no way are a burden! Never ever think that, people sometimes send mixed signals when they are not sure what to say , Ik it doesn’t always seem like it trust me Ik but your family loves you very much. you for sure have other options and you deserve to explore them ! Don’t give up hope keep fighting - person355


You have worth, friend. You are an amazing, unique creation and you bring a unique skillset and outlook to the table that can never be filled by anyone else.

A lot of the depression I struggled with from ages 13-18 was from people seemingly not caring, so I really relate to what you say about your mom. I used to say to myself “no one would care if you were gone,” but I know now that that simply isn’t the truth.

We often overlook the most important things in life, like the ones who care about us, and the beauty of hardship. We focus on the times we failed or felt neglected instead of the times we smiled, or helped others feel better. Even in my darkest depths, I could still find recent points where I laughed at a video or smiled at my dog or noticed the beauty of trees in the wind.
We close ourselves off from positivity because we feel like we only grow from negative experiences, and that celebrating our undeserved gifts or victories is just a sign of pride or self-absorption. But this isn’t true! Good things are good things, and it is simply false to try to make them anything else.

I hope this helps you. You are in no way a burden, friend.



Hey friend. You’re loved. You’re not a burden and please don’t end it. We would miss you if you did. I hope that you’re still here with us to read this. I hope that you know that you are amazing and all this speaks to how much you care about your family. Love you friend. Hold fast.

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I would suggest that you sit down and talking to your family. Tell them that you are understanding of their situation but you’re hurting too. Be kind and honest with them but also be reasonable with them. See if you could help them more. You still have a change to heal from all of this. It just takes opening up. I know you can do it friend.

I relate, Amaris.

Lately, Things have been rough from a problem and stress going on in my life.
My mother may seem like her response were careless or disappointment by her body language…
But, I know, she still cares.

There so many times that I feel useless, unable to do something.

To be honest, I haven’t open up to them either on how I feel but…
I want to say that communication is VERY important to talk to them about how you are feeling, they will understand.

You matter Amaris <3
Take care



Hey @Amaris

I understand. I know this same feeling. I felt like I was a burden sometimes cause I was the ADD ADHD Depression Bipolar Learning disability middle child who felt no one really cared. My younger brother is special needs my sister was the normal one. I want to say is that your parents do care about you and that it does really get better. I had to learn and I was told I am needed… I have value in helping with my brother. When I learned that I brought value to my family I felt this I was apart of something that really mattered. My parents taught me just because my brother is special needs doesn’t mean that there is any lack of love for me from them and helping me with my mental health growing up.

Talk to your mom and dad. Trust me. Be honest and open to listen.

Hold Fast
HeartSupport Intern




I know its been a while but i wanted to say thank you so so much for this. Sometimes its really hard to reach out for help and now i feel encouraged to talk about how i feel inside more often. You are very very kind people :slight_smile:


Hey @Amaris I’m so glad you came back here. I remember your post and I’m glad you’re more open to sharing about how you’re feeling. I hope you can make it to one of our live streams some time.

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