I don't wanna be here anymore

As much as it pains me to say this, but I wish my dad never met my stepmom. I feel selfish for saying this because he’s so much happier, but the way everyone treats me (it started when they met), I feel surrounded, alone, and violated at the same time. She goes through my stuff all of the time, makes, she’s constantly favoring her kids and my brother, but leaves me out of everything. Her mom, (she lives with us) resents me, every time I say something, she gets mad at me, then when I leave the room, my stepmom says “you can’t say anything to them”. I was playing with the dogs to help my anxiety (I do it all the time), she yelled at me, saying I “know better”, and I “just refuse to listen”. I can’t do anything right. I can’t eat or sleep anymore, I force food down at dinner so I don’t get in trouble, but it hurts my stomach and makes me want to throw up. I don’t deserve food or anything. I’m just someone that needs to die. I can’t take anymore. I thought I found someone I could be truthful with, and it turns out they just want to take my family away. If I had just been able to keep my mouth shut and not say a word to anyone about anything, I could have been able to have a nice family, but as far as I’m aware, no one out there is a good person. Everyone just wants my head on a silver platter served with a side of vinaigrette as a dipping sauce. I might as well as give the people what they want, right? Don one thing right, even If it means dieing?

Hey, don’t let them win. Theyre are not worth you dying. They don’t get you, and that’s all their fault. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. “Suicide isn’t cowardly, I’ll tell you what’s cowardly. Treating people so bad that they want to end their lives.” -Ashley Purdy
You show them who’s stronger.
‘I swear I’ll never let you die’ (song lyric)
Also, try talking to your dad. And as hard as it seems, try talking to your stepmom. You never know everyone’s story. Find out why she hates you, try for an honest answer, and ask her to leave you alone and stand up to her.
Remember that you can always post on here whenever you want, end of the world or not.
I believe in you.

Saviour and Youth & Whisky and All Your Hate
By Black Veil Brides
Please listen to these <3

Hi friend,
The world is a better place with you in it. I’m so sorry for the way you have been treated. But trust me when i say that you are essential for this world. We need you. No one can take your place or accomphlish the purpose that only you can. I’m praying for you friend.
You’ve come so far already, don’t give up. You are strong. <3
check out this song :slight_smile: