I don't wanna fall in love anymore

I was (And still I’m) in love with one guy. We were going on same school and I liked him a lot. Suddenly he started talking with me. We were chating like all day and even night and everithing was perfect. Then he asked me if i don’t want to go out and i said yes. We had some food and we were just talking and it was great, he was saying very nice things to me and then We talk each other for next two weeks but something happend he just started to ignoring me and we don’t talk much right now. He only text me when he is bored or needs something. And it is destroing me, every message from him, bc i know I’m not good enough for him. I feel like I’m some sort of “toy” so whenever u are bored u can text me.

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The best thing you can do to salvage yourself is to drop him completely. He obviously doesn’t care about your feelings or well being. Block his number, social media or whatever you need to get rid of him. If that proves to be too hard then try talking to him and telling him how you feel.
Much luck xx

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i have been there… he was my bestfriend he helped me go through my dark times and well i fell inlove with him ig he had feelings then things got bad “we started the relationship with us having other people around” and he just left like that i was broken. i dont think i still love him but its hard to see someone go stay strong and maybe stop replying to his text

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Thank you for support, but I think if I just block him or stop talking to him. I know it will be sound stupid, but I think that it would be so mean from me. I think he ins’t a bad person, he tried to help me and he care, but I guess for him I’ll be only a friend, but I can’t
I just don’t get it why is he completly different.
And about talking to him. I can’t I just have problem with telling other people how do i feel, even to my friens. So I don’t think, that it would be working. But thank you very much anyway :heart:


@Xeanel I first want to say you are so enough for anyone.

Also, know you should no one should ever make you feel that you are being used. If this person is making you feel this way you should tell that person. You need to be honest with how you feel and if that person doesn’t want the same thing I believe its that time to move on. It sucks moving on. I hated it when I had to get over my ex.

Consuming yourself with love that is not real can be a really terrible thing.

Know you are worth it.

Hey did not notice your reply before I commented. Sometimes the best thing to do is let go of people in our lives. It sucks to do but it will be for the better. Again you are worth it and are loved here!

Thank you so much for helping me. I guess I’ll just let him be and maybe in future when I’m 100% sure, that I won’t see him anymore I will tell him.
Bc right now I’m too afraid and I feel like I don’t deserve to love anyone and I know it would be pretty akward, I guess. And I feel bad and ashamed for loving someone, but idk why. I know, It’s normal but I just can’t help to not feel this way.

Hey there.

Let me just tell you straight up right now. YOU. DESERVE. LOVE. I promise you that. Everyone does. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of the way that you feel. But I also think its important to reflect on who it is that you ‘love’ or why it is that you think you feel that way. This guy could just wanna be friends, and if thats the case then yes, it might take some time to move on, but you can and you will.

And you will meet someone someday that legit LOVES YOU and is willing to DROP EVERYTHING they are doing to be connected to you.

So while right now it may seem like things are hopeless, and like there isnt gonna be someone better than this guy you had feelings for, but…

IT IS OUT THERE. Dont ever forget that. And you are a beautiful person deserving of someone just as beautiful as you. Stay strong! We all love you hear at heartsupport

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Thank you very much. I will try my best :slight_smile: