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I don't want to live anymore

Every day alive is a struggle… I keep on asking for help but nobody seem to understand I am drowning… so why keep on fighting? I should just end it for once and for all. I have been there for everyone and have fix everyone’s life around me and now it’s me who needs help and I am left alone… or told I need to get over it…
Every passing day I am just closer…

Know that filling will get better I have sever depression myself and thank sucide would be better but my little sister took her life little over a month ago and everybody in the family suffering over her loss you are needed even if you don’t see it right now hold ya head up

Thank you for sharing Alexandra. I know life can really be a struggle and may get really hard at times. I myself have attempted suicide somewhere around 5 times as well as self harmed. (Next Feb I’m gonna be 5 years clean and a year with no attempts). Let me tell you that I deeply regret even attempting those things. As someone who spent years stuck in a dark hole, it does get better. I used to think everyone was against me and nobody understood but there’s way more people out there who understand than you think! Opening up about your problems is the first step to finding those people. I’m sorry the people you’ve reached out to haven’t been super helpful. Know that everyone in the community here hears you, and is here for you :slight_smile:

Stay strong friend~

I 100% know what it feels like to convince yourself that no one cares or wants to help you, even when you’ve put yourself out for so many other people. For so long, I would go out of my way to help people, but would be brushed off or abused if I needed help myself, so turned to drugs and stopped reaching out… Sadly though, doing that meant that when I came to HeartSupport and people gathered around me, wanting to help me, I couldn’t actually accept it and tried to turn them away.
A little while into joining the community I spoke about wanting to end my life, and went dark for a few hours. Within that few hours I had so many messages on every platform, Casey ready to send the police to my place, and Dan trying to find someone on my Facebook that lives by me to contact… One of my friends gave my mobile number to someone I hadn’t ever met before because she trusted him to talk to me and her know I was safe. Even with all of that having happened, the next time I felt like I was overwhelmed, I still felt like no one cared or wanted to help me… But, the longer I’ve been a part of this community, the more I’ve realised there really are people who care and they don’t just take and take from me. They give back just as much. Thanks to that, I’m now nearly 18 months clean and years from my last suicide attempt. They can lift you up, just the same as they lifted me. Let us help you and let us love you.

You matter.
Hold Fast

From: bart_tastic

"Why keep on fighting" That’s a lie I have believed and struggled with myself. It’s hard to get out of that hole thinking “No one cares about me.”. The feeling how you help everyone but when you need help no one is there is very familiar. You aren’t alone in that feeling and don’t deserve what’s happening. Life is a roller coaster, a long one. Each has a really big climb to the top as falls straight down even deeper to get back up. You will get through this friend, we are here for you!

From: stafflower

we are here for you friend. How you feel is valid and we hear you. You are loved and valued and nothing can change that. Hold fast.

Hey friend! Casey covered your topic on his Twitch stream. Here’s the live video response :slight_smile: Hold fast!