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I dont want to live this life anymore

Things are never good I wish there was ups but its just always down hill and I’m so tired of it dude.
Now im jobless, im gonna end up homeless, I got no family.

Things were alright for a bit but man I’m so tired of this. Memories coming again and it’s like this dam broke and the whole city if flooded. My world is falling apart. I got nothing I got no family to turn to and it has been that way.

I just want to have some ups in life for God sake.
All I can think of is going back to old friends drinking, smoking weed and all kinds of things. I’m tired of it


Hey GoldenNuggets,

I am sorry that you recently just lost your job and might end up homeless. You have a family here on the heartsupport page. Those memories that are coming back sound traumatic and painful. Drinking, smoking, and all kinds of things numb it all…i get it…but don’t leave.

You are loved by me. Keep holding on

Eric F. <3


I’m so sorry that things are so rough right now. When things are rough, our brains can focus on the negative and lead us into a cycle.

Do you have a plan for somewhere safe to stay? Is there a shelter you could go to? Or do you still have your place? Being jobless is really scary, and I do hope you can find something else.

We’re here to support you. Those things are distractions, sure, and they will make you forget some of your problems, but they won’t solve them, and they might make it harder to do what you need to.

Keep sharing here, please, let’s support you through this.


I’m not sure about getting into a shelter right now. There might be a job lined up but I have to reach HR first.
But I really am so fed up with this life im not sure if it’s worth it anymore. It’s been way too long I’ve stuck to these issues for too long. It seems impossible to be successful, it seems impossible for any stability as far as anything going peaceful in this life.
I’m not sure how to help myself honestly

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I’m happy to hear there may be a job lined up.

I would say that it is hard when you’re worried to do the stuff you need to do, it’s like swimming in molasses sometimes. Take it one day at a time, friend.

Think of it as a whole new start, and don’t compare your progress with anyone else. Think of it as the game restarting (if you’re a gamer) and that this is a whole new adventure. The old progress markers don’t exist really. Take it day by day, moment by moment.

What documents do I need to get, Do I have the right interview location, What do I need to prepare to go there. Make a list of the things that are needed and focus on getting those done.

Successful is a long hard grind for many of us. Aim to have good moments in the day. Aim to rest your mind and body while you sleep, aim to have a meal and focus on how it nourishes your body and mind.

We’re here for you.


Thank you for the encouragement, I have a plan in motion a friend offered me a place to stay and a job lined up and is giving me time to get on my feet as well.
Not sure about the heavy burden though it’s just dead memories and when something crappy comes up situation wise, it draws those things out and I end up having extreme depression. Not sure how to deal with it



you just need time and patience to get back on your feet again since this is a difficult situation for you you need of course that one friend to offer help. Can you trust that one friend to hear you out on listening to your “dead memories”…allow someone in to feel what your feeling.

your are welcome

hi G Nugs. I am also glad to hear a couple of the major things are sorted at least for the short term.

for me personally I often have to keep my focus narrow to just trying to have a good day. Good days are just good hours that happen one after another and good hours are just hours filled with mostly good minutes. I try to take it slow and try not to let myself get off track.

As for the heavy burden…I guess when it finds its way creeping in thats an opportunity to get insight into it…what made you start thinking about it…how do you feel, why do you feel that way (often best done with the help of a professional to guide you in the right direction). The past is…well its the past. Its gone and it only has the power we give to it.

If certain things trigger you…at least try to know the triggers so you can be ready storm of it comes, or maybe even be able to side step it.

This isn’t the same thing at all but: I had to drive in traffic yesterday and I kinda hate it and it can help me turn myself into a screaming jackass if I let myself get worked up, so I made sure to be extra chill and I really surprised myself with how well the drive went.

I also find its helpful to be able to laugh at myself. Like when I shop in the produce section at a certain supermarket if I am in the right mood I will get super sad and miss when I would shop there with my ex. Subjectively that is very sad for me, but Objectively I think that is pretty funny, so I end up laughing and crying at the same time in front of the cilantro. Life is weird dude.

I try to handle one problem at a time (for the sake of my own focus) and to celebrate my victories. Some days (like today) its a victory to put ten things on a to do list and get them all crossed off. A job and a place to live and getting your life stable are much larger victories. Just try to make progress daily G Nugs and forgive yourself for setbacks. Try to make more progress than there are setbacks.

If you want to talk about the heavy burden let me know. Post or DM. Take care and ttys.

Hi @GoldenNuggs42

We posted a condensed topic to our IRL Support Wall down here in Houston at a mental health awareness event, and asked people to support you. Here is what they wrote, and we hope the support helps!

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