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I failed at life

I want to curl up and disappear right now. They were right when they said PTSD is a career death sentence.

I had an interview at a hotel today and a few seconds in I knew I wasn’t going to get a job due to my “job hopping” I had an interview with St Dominic’s hospital they pay and treat their employees well the interview went well but I haven’t heard anything back from them or the V.A.

It seems like I am out of options but to stay with what i have for now or further my education which I would have done a long time ago if I wasn’t so financially challenged.

I am at a dead end and I have no idea what to do.


Job hunting is pretty brutal. To be fair, you’re pretty lucky to have gotten so many interviews already. It means that people are interested in what you have to offer. At least enough to meet you. Sometimes it just takes time. Make sure you are following up on your interviews to let them know you actually want the job and don’t sell yourself short. I got my job almost by accident. I applied for it just knowing nothing would come of it, then came the interview and to my surprise, an offer. I never in a thousand years actually envisioned myself having a chance at my job.

If you really want out of where you are now, just keep putting out those applications. I filled out at least 3 every day for 3 months before I got hired. If you put out enough apps, the odds will eventually have to shift in your favor.

Also, as for school, if you are in the US, I would either recommend:

FAFSA first and foremost. They pay based on income and the PELL grant is basically free money that you dont have to pay back.

Tech schools are far more affordable than even community College. I went to Tech school part time for 2 years and it was cheaper than a semester at my local community College. So cheap in fact that my PELL grant paid for 100% of the cost.

Look for and apply for grants and scholarships. This is also money that doesn’t need to be paid back. This keeps you from needing to take out loans and going into debt. Also look for tuition wavers offered by schools as most have them.

It’s ok, friend, there are options. In a perfect world, what would you do for a living? If it’s any influence, specialized trades usually pay better and don’t usually require degrees.

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Thank you for the suggestions I didn’t know where to start and I am not sure what I want to do anymore but the fields I am considering are office work, computer, or something were I don’t have to engaged with so many people.

If you don’t want to engage with people, tech is a good way to go. A lot of IT jobs require certification moreso than degrees, so I would start looking into what you might enjoy as there are SO many fields. CompTIA has industry recognized certifications to get you started and you can specialize from there. I know in my region I’d you get the CCNA you can get pretty much any entry level IT job with no problem with pay starting around $50k per year.

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Nice, I will look into that then

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