I feel alone and stuck

I want to tell people that I feel like this but I feel like I can’t tell anyone. I want to talk to someone but I’m scared they’ll think badly of me.

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Who cares if they think badly? Put yourself in their shoes, if they have a heart and soul they wont just automatically shut you out. They’ll actually listen. And sometimes just talking to someone and getting it off of your chest can help. That or converse with yourself. Say “I feel alone and stuck”, then think of how you’re alone and stuck and why you feel this way.

Trust me, no one that is morally sane will think badly of you

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I understand where youre coming from. Its really scary to be vulnerable. Even though all of us here are online people, we are here so youre not alone:)

It can seem like the worst will happen if you are vulnerable and share how you’re feeling with someone else. But, it can help to talk to someone. Even if it’s just a good friend who can give you words of encouragement, prayer, or even just a listening ear. Because once you share, you no longer are carrying the burden yourself. The mere act of telling someone can make you feel lighter, even if you’re still feeling the way you feel. If that makes sense. Is there anyone in your life who you trust, who you feel you can be open with? If not, we are here for you, to listen and encourage and support you. It just is helpful if you can talk to someone in real life because then you can talk face to face.

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Hello mate, thanks for sharing.

I know how hard it is to reach out in this kind of situation. If you have a trusted one (your mother/father, brother/sister or a close friend) you should not be afraid to do that. They’ll love you even if they won’t be able to understand fully what you’re going through.

Remember we are always here when you need to

pioggia :sunflower:

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