I feel alone & it seems no one can relate to it. Not even by her hair

Hello everyone I am 37 years old and I suffer from a Traumatic brain injury. When I was 24 years old I got into a catastrophic car accident which led me in a coma for almost 4 months on the way to the hospital I died six times I suffered a collapsed long punctured spleen punctured bladder bleeding in the brain broken ribs broken pelvis Broken hips broken leg and also a broken clavicle i also jacked up my back I’m in pain every day which totally sucks I also have very bad nerve damage which affects my sciatica nerve. So I’m going to start off with this when I was nine years old my dad was in a horrible car accident and he also suffers from a Traumatic brain injury I’m gonna to try to keep this short and sweet and not get too much into detail. Please Can someone please help me out? Does anyone know anyone in my position where their father suffered a Traumatic brain injury when they were a child then later on in life they suffer for a Traumatic brain injury? I really need some help on this because I feel alone. I have therapy I see a psychologist twice a week and psychiatrist once a week. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out. I hope someone out there can help me. Thank you everyone

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Hi friend,
While I cannot relate to your situation, I wanted to reach out and offer you some love and let you know that I both saw and read your post. That sounds so scary! What a terrible thing to have to go through. I am glad that you made it through it. But I am so sorry for the things that you are having to face because of it.
I don’t fully know what to say to help. There probably isn’t much. But I hope that you are able to find something or someone who can be that comfort for you. I can only imagine how hard that must be.

So much love to you.

  • Kitty

That’s so nice and sweet of you to say to me Thank You very much Kitty.

I just wish I could talk to someone or relay to someone in my situation I’ve talked to many people but no one is in my exact situation. I just wish I could find someone to talk to because maybe I could help them or they could help me.