I Feel Bad For People That Do't Wear Masks

I get very disturbed by people’s ignorance and their complete disregard for public health and public safety during this pandemic. I know wearing masks when going out is stressful and inconvenient but I Am aware its the right thing to do and its the law its not a bipartisan issue its a public health issue. I’ve seen people become violent, murder, assault and harass workers in establishments for merely enforcing the use of masks. That’s why we are having so many cases in the United States. I hope people change soon…

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You haven’t been to my country… People here believe that the virus was caused by homosexuality, that if you pray, you will be fine (that’s the older generation, 40+ years old).

Younger generation, on the other hand, doesn’t even believe in the existence of covid.

When I walk down the street with a mask on (I’m one of those few who still wear it) people look at me like I’m a full-dressed clown.

I rarely go outside. However the last time I’ve seen someone with a mask on - was ± week ago. Even in stores people don’t wear them correctly anymore.

Shopping malls, restaurants, metro, everything is open. And the amount of confirmed cases rises everyday. But noone gives shit anymore.

I don’t know how to cheer you up, but now you know that USA is not the only country with stupid citizens)

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what country are you from?

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