I feel empty all the time

I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling immensely empty and apathetic for the past few days. I’ll just lay in bed for around an hour after I wake up just because I don’t feel like there’s any reason to get up. I used to walk around with headphones listening to music all the time but lately I’ve rarely even picked up my headphones. I have no job and I’m not currently doing any school so my days are by and large devoid of notable activity. Even video games, something I normally love to do, feel boring to me right now. This coupled with my apparent inability to stop thinking about my ex is just putting me in this downward spiral where I now feel like my whole existence is pointless. I’m not sure if you can normally even have an existential crisis at 17, but I’ve somehow managed to. I dunno, I just feel worthless and pointless, and I’m sure this post is a waste of people’s time but I thought I’d get it out there anyway.

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Hey man, thanks for sharing.
I’ve felt this many times before, just staring up at the ceiling when I could be getting stuff done. Or just passing the time until the day is over with. That’s not a fun place to be and I’m sorry that you’re experiencing right now. Your existence is not pointless at all, I can say that you personally matter to me as a friend and to everybody else here.
We love you.
Sometimes having a job or going to school are the only things that are considered “notable activities”. You don’t have to be doing either of those in order to consider your life worth living, your life matters simply because you’re here and you’re human. Maybe try finding another hobby; something to occupy yourself with. Find some new bands/music genres to listen to, give yourself some new fresh experiences. You deserve to live in a healthy state of mind friend.
You are worthy of love.


I stay in bed and oversleep between one to four hours almost every morning. It’s not uncommon when you’re unemployed.

Hi Sam, thanks for reaching out.

These kind of days do happen and I cannot even remember how many times I’ve experienced the same thing. I used to feel the same way and managed to use these days for my growth by trying out new stuff everytime I felt bored about my routine and hobbies.

I know that it’s something that could have started when you broke up with your ex, but this applies also in this case. Try out new stuff, do that thing you’ve been putting off for a long time or just reach out to a friend. Changing perspective really helps.

Love you ╳

hi Sam, you not alone

I can relate how with the emptiness and apathy because I have those same feelings as well. In the past It was hard to get out of bed and to get myself to do the simplest tasks like taking a shower and at times, to eat. At one point, I didnt take a shower for 2 weeks STRAIGHT and on some days I’d only eat one meal during the whole day.

I feel like I still fight this. Cause a lot of my work on on my computer or my desk I don’t move around a lot throughout the day. My fiancee. He works all over 3 different cities. I see that he’s tired when he comes home. I don’t have that same feeling. I just feel like I have done NOTHING that day.At the start of the year I bought a daily planner. I right down everything I do that day and if I have those moments I can see. No I was really busy this week. I’m not useless.
I also Practice skills I want to learn.Recently I was able to buy a few cookbooks. So I have been learning skills from that. So I’ve been cooking almost everyday. We have a lot of extra food and I feel like I’ve been productive. I actually had this moment a few minutes ago. What am I doing now? Making cheesecake.

@Sam Hold Fast friend, we believe in you.