I feel hopeless and it hurts

it feels stupid to even be remotely upset about it but i am, so i guess what better place to talk about it than here, right?
The guy who emotionally abused and toyed with me for 2 & 1/2 years just got engaged and is getting married at the end of this year. and it hurts. feels like i’ll never find something real and genuine. i mean if someone who used females for their own personal gain can find someone why can’t i. I feel hopeless. i tell my friends and they keep telling me that they felt the same way and then they found their significant other and feel differently now. but i haven’t had a real relationship in too long. everyone leaves before it even gets there. is there something wrong with me? some days it feels like there is.

There’s nothing wrong with you!! You haven’t found the right person yet! If people leave you, that’s a sign that you won’t be in a good relationship with that person, and it’s better not to start one with them. You will one day find your true love and be happy with them. Imagine the time you are going through right now as an journey to find your true love. And all those other people as obstacles, and you are fighting just to get a glimpse of the one you will love, and once you do, you will be so happy.
I hope this helps, and if it doesn’t just remember you have someone to talk to❤️

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I did dealing with simimular issue, I havent found a person that could be romantic involve with. I feel i keep repeating the same mistakes, always messing up and I will never be good enough. Im have been single for most my life and one had kinda one relationship that only lasted six mouth and I did not had feeling for her ( which suck becuase she was good person.) For me every doughbag gets whatever girl they want and im all alone. But have to admit to have been an asshole to girls and im paying the price for it. So in some that guy that getting married, he honestly mostly with his own issue and not living a happy life. People that are abusive tent not face their problems and always take out on other people. In addition it good you not in that sitaution anymore, becuase it not healthy relationship and only bring yu down. Overall, it good that you out of it and its okay to feel down about being single, I know it can be bummer. Dont be ashame of feeling sad. It part being a human being.

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It just hurts to see someone who hurt me to almost near irreparable become happy while i’m sitting on the sidelines waiting for my right person to show themselves and while i pick up all the pieces that they left me in. you know?

Ya I know don’t worry, you’ll be happy one day with your true love!