I feel like a child stuck in a adult body

This is gonna partially be a second part to my last post. I spend a lot of my time on a screen it’s how I pass my time if I’m not doing chores I’m on my PC playing or watching something cuz I have nothing else I could be doing cuz of my disabilities I don’t have a life that isn’t online I don’t have friends irl and I don’t have places I could go to meet people irl cuz I can’t drive and I’m not a drinker so even if I did decide to go to a bar to socialize I’d be miserable cuz I’m the only not drunk person besides the bartender so I just don’t go to bars so I just stay online probably a unhealthy amount but it’s better then just existing but over the past couple of weeks I been hanging out with a new set of people and they all play more modern games that I can’t really run on my PC its fairly old and with no income I can’t save up to upgrade it either and we tried to play a game today and it was so u playable on my end I started crying I started physically crying and I feel like a damn child because of it like a kid who can’t play with their new present till after dinner I hate how I feel this way I’m a fuckin adult I shouldn’t have this reaction to this or doing typical adult things but I do and it dosent feel like there’s a way to fix it or learn how to not do that…today has been really rough emotionally


Every adult has an inner child. Some people have it suppressed, but then it comes out in a rage. Some people act childish without recognizing that’s what they’re doing. The best thing to do with the inner child is to accept and comfort it, while allowing it’s emotions to pass through like drifting clouds. The inner child wants to hate things because it wants to reject them. Let it know things don’t work that way. Don’t be upset with yourself because you recognize your inner child. BTW, the inner child sometimes helps you have fun.

Maybe you can start a “go fund me” for a new computer.


Hello my friend,
a inner child is a good thing in my eyes. Becoming an adult will happen sooner or later, but protect
your inner. I hope that a part of mine will always be a child.
I also like gaming, i have my switch here and as long as it is fun its ok, but it shouldn’t become a
addiction. I also read a lot, reading helps. Sit outside with a good book and time will fly and your mind
will calm down. I also do not drink right now due to my medicine. But going out with a bunch of friends
is also good.
Try a “go fund me” like Wings said, there maybe some supporters out there.
Thank you for reaching out, have a nice day and feel hugged,


From: ManekiNeko

it’s okay to be frustrated and to feel emotional when things get on top of you. You’ve found some friends and it must feel a little isolating not being able to join in with them and have the interaction that you need. Everyone needs interaction and fun, and people find that in different ways. It’s okay that yours is through online gaming, it’s a community you’re a part of and it matters to you. Everyone has points where things just feel a bit much. I hope that tomorrow brings a little relief from that stress.


Hello there,

I want to tell you that all emotions are valid. There isn’t one more ‘important’ or ‘better’ than the other one. We need them all to express to others how we are feeling & understand ourselves on a different level. Would it be helpful to find some kind of routine to bring things back into focus, if that’s what you need? Would it be helpful to ask your friends to play a game that your computer can handle? You got this, friend.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:



Hi Friend, I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time. I know how frustrating it is when your PC isn’t good enough to run games friends are playing. It sounds like you just reached your limit and needed to get your emotions out. Your emotions are valid and there isn’t anyone in this world who hasn’t broken down in the moment with frustration. You’re not a child because of that at all. Everyone has their boiling point so to speak. A “go fund me” would be a good idea as Wings mentioned. Let us know how you are doing. ~Mystrose


From: Mamadien

Derpplup, it sounds really frustrating having your PC not working as efficiently as you want and not being able to use it to do what you want to do. When this is your main way of communicating with others and keeping busy, I can understand how this would send you to tears. Crying is a natural way of expressing frustration and understandable. It’s quite normal. I hope the PC situation gets resolved for you somehow. I’m sorry it’s a struggle.


From: twixremix

hi derpplup,

i’m so sorry you had such an emotionally rough day last week - your feelings are valid and you aren’t alone in them. we live in an interesting era where people now balance irl and online time in an unexpected way. personally i’d say most of my own time is also spent online since i love the communities i’m in & my irl friends live all around the world now. so i understand why having a computer that can’t keep up with modern games can be frustrating, even heartbreaking. expressing your emotions is healthy and it’s okay to cry when you’re frustrated! doesn’t make any of us less mature, it just proves that we gotta let our feelings out or else it’ll build up and break us down if we hold it in.

sending you a bunch of love and comfort, my friend. i’m glad you’re here :hrtlegolove:



Hey Derpplup,

I am sorry that you are going through these frustrations right now. Feeling socially isolated can be very hard, as a lot of us found out through the pandemic. I understand, friend.

It is by no means childish to react how you did. The building up of emotion like that, from a prolonged situation that you are having to deal with constantly, a moment happened that culminated it. Those emotions have been brewing and building up, and something was going to bring them out. What event brought that doesn’t change that it was going to happen. So no, it wasn’t childish. It was human.


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