I feel like a failure

Recently, I’ve been feeling like a failure. I went to college to get into the medical field and now it feels like I can’t even get a job in the field. No one will take me because I’m not certified and I don’t have the funds to get certified… On top of that, there’s literally nothing where I’m currently located. It makes me feel like a failure and I hate feeling like this…

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. - Thomas Edison


hey ,
you are not a failure. have you tried saving money to get certified. im sorry you feel this way but this feeling isnt pernament

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I’ve tried, but my boyfriend and I need money for food and other stuff for the house so that makes it difficult right now to save anything :sleepy:

Are you able to work somewhere else that’s not in the medical feild like Walgreens ? Walmart? Cvs?

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Do you have a part time job?

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Hey @CatMom4, you are not a failure. You’re working on getting into the medical field; that is AMAZING! You’ve hit yet another obstacle in the road of life, we all do. I am dealing with similar feelings so I know what it’s like to feel like a failure, you are not alone in that regard. I know almost nothing about the process of getting certified in the medical field other than it is very difficult and intensive, are there other ways to supplement your income in the meantime? Like others have already mentioned, is there somewhere else you can work for now in the short term or part time while looking for somewhere to get certified? Can you take out a loan or get some kind of financial aide for this type of thing? Have you spoken to your boyfriend about him helping you out with any of this?

I hope things start to turn around for you. You can get to where you want to be, I believe in you! Hold fast friend.

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Not right now sadly… I may have something lined up to at least bring in some money so I can pay for my loans

They’re not hiring :confused: right now I’m looking at factory work to at least get by in the time being

For the time being I’m looking at factory work… My boyfriend is doing the best he can, but he’s leaving for about 6 weeks in the near future for a robotics program. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do in the time being while he’s gone. Fingers crossed that I have a job before then

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Ok well just be patient and you’ll eventually get something
It’s a Simple solutions just stay persistent