I feel like i can't do it anymore

i don’t know what to do anymore i can’t take the loneliness and hopelessness… i don’t really feel like living anymore but i feel guilt tripped into staying alive bc i don’t want to hurt family ig. i don’t feel like i can really talk to anyone about it as the last person who could always help me has recently stopped talking much with me and it’s like that has sent me over the edge because they were one of the last things that made me feel motivated to keep living. please i don’t know what to do there’s so much more i need to say but i can’t figure out how


Hi friend, thank you so much for coming on here and sharing what you are feeling. It is so brave to share and it also shows me that there is some part of you that wants to live, that wants to keep fighting. If you didn’t want to keep fighting you wouldn’t have asked for support, so now what we need to do is focus on that part of you that wants to live and help it grow.

Something that can help is to make a list of all of the reasons you have for living. You are still here. What has been keeping you here? Think about EVERYTHING, big and small - your favorite bands, pets, family, video games, coffee, snacks. Try to think of about 5-10 and then write them down.

I also want you to think about the way you cope with these emotions and if there are other coping skills that you could try that might be more helpful. Is therapy an option? are you exercising? getting enough sleep? what about any creative outlets you can use?

I have been in the spot where you are now. I have felt like it would be better if I just gave up. I couldn’t see anything good in the present moment and the future looked just as dark. when I look back I am so glad that I stayed and I know as you keep fighting there will be a day when you look back and feel the same.

You can do this friend. I know it feels like you’re trying to swim in a rip tide and everything you try doesn’t work but I truly believe that there is rising on the other side of this waiting and suffering for you. Hold on. Keep reaching out.

Sending love,



hi taylorpalmby,

thank you so much for your kind reply and advice, I really appreciate you taking the time to help… it means a lot and it’s really helpful to see an outside perspective of everything

regarding coping, I don’t think I have the best ways of coping as usually it consists of distractions, mostly using the internet or sleeping as I don’t really have motivation to do healthier coping skills and I can’t afford therapy at this time. I do admit I need to get better about bad coping habits, I’m just not sure how…

thank you for your encouragement and support, it does make me feel a little less hopeless and alone :heart: thanks again


There are so many people here who understand how you are feeling, even if they may not have the time to respond to your post. Life can be difficult sometimes, and it can be hard to keep going when you feel like its pointless, or that nobody cares about you (which isn’t true!). But I promise you that life does get better and things can look and feel okay again.

Just know that there are people here who are willing to talk to you, no matter what.

Keep going! You got this!


I’m glad it could help even just a little friend. Casey made this Youtube video that might help as well. It has some self care tips . It’s about procrastinating but I think it can apply for healthy coping skills as well! How To Stop Procrastinating - Motivation & Self-Care Tips - YouTube

I hope it helps. We also have a week free link for therapy at betterhelp.com/heartsupport they do have some more affordable options but i know it’s not always an option.


Hi @so.lost

The HeartSupport Houston Team responded to your post here. We’re with you friend!

Here is the blog I reference in the video.

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