From Maxima: I feel like I can’t take this any longer.


From Goldface: What happened?===========

From Maxima: I feel like i don’t belong here

From Goldface: Of course you belong=====

From Maxima: I don’t think so=========

From Goldface: Everybody comes to this life with a different role, you have yours too

From Goldface: And just look out the window, and there is an entire world filled of opportunities, then why retort to harming yourself?

From Goldface: And those who think that you don’t belong, don’t have real eyes, because they don’t see the real beauty in you

From Goldface: The beauty that lies inside you

From Maxima: I can’t even have a normal day without being bullied by everyone even my family

From Goldface: What do they say?=======

From Maxima: Well this day they don’t me that i shouldn’t be at this planet at all and that it would better be if i was dead

From Goldface: They are just jealous====

From Goldface: Because nobody bullies for fun, they do it to look cool and they target who they fear the most

From Maxima: Oh, thank you for your support :heart:

From Maxima: Sure=====================