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I feel like I’m at rock bottom again

I’ve been trying to push through how I’ve been feeling- always tired, unmotivated- but it’s gotten back to where I can barely bring myself to get out of bed. Getting myself to take a shower is hard.

My relationship is going great, so i thought that would help; but I’m just so tired. My body is so tired no matter what. I take my medicine like I’m supposed to but I don’t feel the same, I don’t feel like it’s working like it used to.

I feel like my art isn’t good enough. I feel like I’m never going to make it. I feel like I’m not good enough. I feel so stupid. I feel like I’m not meant to achieve the goals I have.

Even now it’s been hard to keep my goals. Because I feel like I’m too stupid or weak to reach them.


I’m sorry, Lyss.
I can certainly relate. It’s hard to get out of that funk. It’s been taking a lot of mental energy on my part to get myself to do things since January. Part of why I took that trip. Force myself to get out.

I think you really under credit your unique style and skills in your art. Your potato art is something that is yours. I absolutely adore it. Everyone has expressed so much love towards the piece you did for me and my partner. I have it where I can see it every single day. It always makes me smile. The cool part about being as young as you are is, you have so much time and room to grow and learn. So if you keep at it and keep growing, a handful of years from now you will be able to see the progress you made from now till then. Don’t give up, my friend. Keep going at it. You can only get better. But I understand those feelings because I get that way about my art as well. So, I get it. Which is why I keep trying to do tutorials and watch a lot of videos so I can keep learning more and more so I can improve.

You are NOT stupid or weak. You are a human being with natural emotions. It’s normal to feel how you do. We just have to find ways to process through these things and pick ourselves up. It’s not always easy, but Lyss you are so much stronger than you credit yourself. You are a beautiful and amazing young lady and I love you. I know things are hard now, but I know that you can pull through.

And you know that there are a lot of us here to stand by your side as you do.

I’m sending you a lot of love my friend. I hope it gets better.

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Hey lyss my friend

I know how it feels to feel like you are nothing and that to think you are not good enough and to have that uneasy feeling of sitting at rock bottom it’s an all too familiar to me and I just wanted to let you know a couple points woke up this morning and every morning and I’m proud of you for just that will never ever be weak to reach your goals trust me on that because anything in this world is possible even if you go through some obstacles
3.your art is probably the best thing in the world and I’m sure other people will think so of that as well; anything created with someone’s hands is beautiful

  1. Me and a million other people just like you are gonna be here for you to be your voice and don’t forget that!

Sending all my love to you tonight


Hey Lyss,

I’ve been there. I was there today, actually. Just one of those days where I felt so down thanks to a few negative thoughts and didn’t want to leave my room. I have so many days where I look and see others that seem to be ahead of me in their careers or personal lives’ goals, as a musician, I often hear another band and think I’ll never be that good, instead of looking at what I’ve created and how far I’ve come.

I don’t need to see your art to know that it’s beautiful. If it’s beautiful to you, if it has worth to you… than it is. So many others will see that as well. Keep pressing forward. Keep creating. You are so loved and talented, this world needs you, the works you have created so far and all that you will create in the future.

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Your art is really cool. Always been. Sorry you’re feeling that way. Have you talked about it to the person who recommended the medicine you’re using? Maybe they have a clue.

You’re amazing. Always been. And we’re here for you.

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