I feel like i should die

I feel hopeless like the whole world has crashed and burned before my eyes my family hates me im special needs never had a bf my personality is horrible and i know that cause i cant even keep a friend they always run away or block me. I stopped going to the therapist because she didnt help me i take 3 anti depressents and 2 anxiety pills which barely work. Because im completly alone in this world everyone that said they cared left. I have no one no reason to live 24/7 i contemplate suicide over and over in my head i think of ways to end my suffering. I just cant live any longer.

Everything seems to crash and burn at the same time and I know trying to deal with all these things day in and day out is extremely tough. I battle depression and high stress myself everyday. My really close friend has tried killing himself 3 times now and it hurts me to know that people think committing suicide will be the right thing to do. If you leave this world without ever really knowing things could have gotten better, it will literally never get better because you’re gone from this world. Like Ricky said, changing your mentality on the world can drastically alter the way you are as a person. Don’t be stuck in the past or the future because it definitely doesn’t help. I wish you didn’t feel that way and it truly kills me to hear that you contemplate suicide 24/7. Please know that there are people in this world that care about you. Whether that be right here on this website or that special someone that you meet 3 days from now. If you give up you will literally never know. Be strong and fight those thoughts in your head. You’re stronger than that. We all are.

Thanks i just feel i have no one because i feel everyone finds me annoying and dont wanna stay friends for long my family dont love me either. I feel worthless. I know ricky helps a lot with his story and i almost cried knowing he almost killed himself. but i just cant help but hate myself regaurdless.

Man, that’s so rough…it’s so rough to feel alone…it’s so rough to feel like everything you’ve tried has crumbled in your hands, and you’re left where you feel you always return to: alone, sad, angry, and afraid.

I know what that point in my life was like…feeling like – literally no one is thinking about me right now, literally no one in life cares about me…it’s such a crushing feeling…I remember spinning in my chair and thinking – what’s even the point of my life?

Like you experienced watching Ricky’s story – you’re not alone! And better is possible – friendships, lasting friendships are possible…recovery, healing from your pain…it’s all possible, and it’s possible for YOU! I know because it was possible for me too, and I felt too buried in my pain and addictions to feel like it could ever get better.

You deserve to experience life to the full…you were MADE for it…you deserve to feel the love that surrounds you, to feel included and to feel like you belong…and you have hope for all of those things.

Sometimes it’s just hard to see it when you’ve tried what feels like a thousand times. But those thousand times can be experience and learning for you to get it on the next try, or the next thousandth try…

I love “Meet the Robinsons”…it reminds me of Thomas Edison, the inventor who tried 1,000 different ways to create the lightbulb…the story follows an inventor who feels discouraged when time after time after time his inventions blow up…but it took him facing the fear of giving up to finally break through, and he developed a new life motto: “keep moving forward”. So I’d suggest the same to you! Life might blow up in your face a few times…and it tends to be the times we want to give up that are RIGHT BEFORE things get better. Keep moving forward – better is yet ahead for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks but some how I feel like its never gonna get better for me.

It feels like you’ve experienced so much disappointment that you can’t see things all of a sudden changing

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