I feel like i should leave

I want to leave HS since im just a burden to everyone especially on the discord, I just make everyone there hate me over me venting to them about my suicidal thoughts and i fuck up and after many warnings i keep talking about it, all I do is ruin friendships and everything, im better off leaving since im just a burden to so many people here and I just make shit worse for everyone

You are not a burden.

I believe we just give you a lot of resources and you need to use them more often. It’s hard when certain things are said becaus eyes that does affect others and make them panic.

I understand that may sound like we are being rude but we are just trying to keep everyone in mind and we are doing our best.

We don’t want you to leave, but if that is what will help you on this journey than so be it.

We are always here for you no matter what and you know that,

You are loved not matter what. You are not a burden.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)

Hey friend,
You are NOT a burden and you never will be.

HeartSupport is here to help everyone, I know it can be hard sometimes and it feels like people are being rough or harsh but I can assure all of us here want you to feel better.

If you feel like HeartSupport is no longer of any assistance to you, message me.
I can give you some over websites that offer free help whenever you desire…

You are loved and welcome at HeartSupport at anytime.

I understand when you’re in pain that sometime you may just want to scream it from the rooftops but you have to be careful with what you say as it may hurt someone else.

You are always welcome here, you are loved.

Hold fast friend,
Luna x